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After the webinar: Barry Moltz answers your questions

After the webinar: Barry Moltz answers your questions

After the webinar: Barry Moltz answers your questions

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After the webinar: Barry Moltz answers your questions


Thank you so much for attending the latest in our small business webinar series: “How to market your business on a shoestring budget”, featuring Barry Moltz. We hope you found it helpful and left with plenty of tips to help move your business forward.

Sadly, there’s not always enough time during the live webinar to answer all of your questions. So we’ve put your additional questions to Barry and here are his answers.


How do I start a customer referral program?

If customers say they’re happy with your product or service, ask them there and then for a referral. In my speaking contracts, I put, “the cost of this speech is $X plus one referral if you are delighted after my presentation.” And always encourage people to post reviews on social media.


What about a membership program?

I’ve always liked this idea. Offer customers substantial benefits for a minimum amount of money per month—it binds the customer to doing business with your company frequently.


What value can I generate from sharing/posting content from other experts compared to creating original content from my own knowledge?

You should produce at least 50% of the content yourself so customers see you as a resource as well as a curator of good ideas.


Do you think offering a discount to a customer if they refer someone to your company would be a good idea?

I think a thank you note, email or a very small gift is better.


What app/site helps you ask for testimonials automatically? Where should you have testimonials posted? Yelp, LinkedIn Facebook?

You can't expect a client to post on several sites. Instead, you want to provide a platform where they can easily share their feedback—here’s some good advice on how to do this. You can also use tools like Review Trigger.

Sometimes customers have unreasonable expectations and that can result in negative reviews. You want to be as empathetic and understanding as possible. Other customers realize that not everyone will be satisfied, but they want to see if, and how, you respond to concerns when there is a problem—this can be a big factor in whether they decide to do business with you.


What was the marketing tool that worked best for you when you first started out?

For me, the best marketing tools have always been email and social media.


How often do you post on different platforms daily (at a minimum)?

LinkedIn, 1; Twitter, 3; Facebook, 2; Instagram, 1; Pinterest, 1.


Other than yourself, who could we look to for impactful new small business practical advice?

With so many resources available for free on the internet today, it can be hard to find sources you can trust. That’s why Verizon is a great starting point—it brings together the best small business experts to offer you monthly guidance and ideas in its free, informative webinar series.


How do you deal with unsubstantiated negative reviews?

If by unsubstantiated reviews you mean fake ones by people who have never tried your product, then report them to the review site.


Are negative reviews by your competitor legal?

I’m not a lawyer, but I believe they are if they actually tried your product or service.


What platforms are out there that allow me to show my expertise?

Find out where your expertise can be valuable. Search on Google and social media sites where people are having discussions about problems you can help solve.


What was the name of the title generator link?

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If you were unable to attend or want to refresh your memory on Barry Moltz’s webinar, “how to market your small business on a shoestring budget”, you can listen to the replay now.



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