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Business Digital Voice: The Big Biz Tool for Small Biz Success

Business Digital Voice: The Big Biz Tool for Small Biz Success

Business Digital Voice: The Big Biz Tool for Small Biz Success

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-08-2016 10:20 AM

Today, there are still many small businesses that don’t enjoy the advanced telephony features that big-businesses use every day. In the past, on-the-go entrepreneurs had few options for managing incoming and outgoing calls and those proved to be inefficient or cumbersome; they either had to wait to get to the office, which impacted response time to valuable customers, or call from their mobile devices and do without the branding and other features of the in-office system.


Enter digital voice, another name for what is known by techies as “Voice over Internet Protocol” or VoIP. With digital voice, telephony takes place over the internet, which simplifies and expands services for small businesses. With digital voice, a small business has much more control over its telephone system with a lot less complexity.


There are two key benefits of a business digital voice service for a small business: mobility and business continuity.


Mobility is increased. An on-the-go business owner can make and take calls from the office phone or the mobile phone with no change in the customer experience. In fact, a call could start in the office and shift to a mobile device without the person on the other end of the line being aware of it. Calls to the company number can be seamlessly routed to an owner’s or employee’s mobile device, which means speedy response to customers and new opportunities.


Business continuity benefits. There are any number of things that can disrupt telephone service, from an accidentally unplugged jack to a wide-area storm that takes out traditional systems. Businesses using digital voice can take advantage of the use of the Internet to make sure they still receive calls even if the primary system has gone down for some reason. This is done by designating an alternate number to which calls should be routed if the business line has been disrupted.

Verizon Business Digital Voice offers these benefits and more.  With over 30 features that allow you to customize your voice connection to prospects and customers, Verizon Business Digital Voice is a big business tool that contributes to your small business success.


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