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Cut Credit/Debit Card Processing Fees and Grow Your Business, One Payment At A Time

Cut Credit/Debit Card Processing Fees and Grow Your Business, One Payment At A Time

This post is by Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.


Our friends from Chase Paymentech stopped by recently and conducted a webinar for our community of small business owners:  5 Ways to Grow Your Business, 1 Payment at a Time. 


During this webcast, Miriam Blasé and Andy Goh provided several tips in five key areas of payment processing.  Their presentation included helpful graphics depicting “how” the credit and debit card transactional process works, descriptions of the key players, and steps on how to make your POS (point of sale) or eCommerce transactions more safe and PCI compliant.


The five areas they covered are: 

  • understanding the payment mix--and industry trends
  • the most common price drivers for payment transactions
  • the best practices to lower your transaction fees and charges
  • ways to strengthen your security and protect your business from data breeches
  • methods and tools to help your business attract new customers 


cut costs.jpgIn each of these areas, Chase Paymentech discusses what you need to know with graphics and charts that are easy to understand.  They take the mystery out of payment processing!  After viewing the webinar you’ll walk away with a much clearer idea of how the payment processing industry works—as well as learning ways to safeguard your business’ data and customer information.  You’ll even learn how to reduce many of your processing fees --and strategies to actually make more money.


Also included in Chase Paymentech’s presentation is a look at 2013 and beyond—the emerging tools and technologies in this age of expanding purchase mobility.   If your customers or your company is on the move, you’ll want to watch this webinar to make certain your business is poised for growth.  To watch this free webinar click here or go to http://bit.ly/LybD7x.


As an added value to Verizon’s webinar guests and on-demand viewers, Chase Paymentech is offering small business owners a special upgrade offer to their newest, state-of-the-art processing terminal.   Call  800-600-8351 to take advantage of this offer, be sure to tell them that the Verizon Small Business team sent you there!  To receive a free cost comparison of your existing service compared to Verizon Merchant Services click here or go to http://bit.ly/JRgejd.


What other webinars of ours have you watched?  We have over 50 lead by leading small business experts to watch more click here or go to http://bit.ly/sfYIJq.


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