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David or Goliath? With Verizon FiOS for Business, You'll Knock Out the Big Guys!

David or Goliath? With Verizon FiOS for Business, You'll Knock Out the Big Guys!

David or Goliath? With Verizon FiOS for Business, You'll Knock Out the Big Guys!

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎03-26-2010 09:47 AM

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Ever since David met Goliath, smaller competitors have faced tall odds against the big boys.  The business world is no different.  A small business combating larger competition may feel dwarfed by a tower of data capabilities and whole departments devoted to providing depth, talent and creativity to the prospective client.


However, the past decade has seen a dramatic increase in broadband capabilities and business resources available to the backbone of the American economy.  And no company has developed more effective tools for small business development and advancement than Verizon, chiefly through the implementation of its all-fiber FiOS network services and the additional two-way resources made possible by rich, robust networks at both ends.


If you talk with someone like Ian Cuthbertson, he’ll tell you the two-way speed offered by FiOS is quite the weapon.  Ian is president of Sound & Vision Communications , a full service creative production company for corporate videos and corporate events with offices in Tampa and London.  The symmetrical broadband services of 35 Megabits per second (35/35 Mbps) or 25/25 Mbps offered by FiOS helps Sound & Vision look like it has the IT capabilities of a Fortune 500 company.  John Lawless is Ian’s multi-media and video manager – here is John describing how this kind of broadband capability has impacted his work:


Our FIOS connection grants us the ability to send uncompressed video content to our clients for immediate feedback.  We use the internet to distribute large video, audio, and motion graphics files nationally and internationally.


We need our connection to be extremely reliable because we need to deliver gigabytes of information to our clients in a timely fashion without worrying about connection stability.

Most of our projects require materials gathered from animators, motion graphics designers, and audio studios.  We need the stability and speed FiOS offers in order to upload and download very large, uncompressed content between us and deliver the final product to our clients.


Ian and John are getting this kind of performance at a lower cost from previous years. But better prices should be only one area to consider for any small business.  With Verizon you also gain a virtual chief information officer, with 24/7 tech support, e-mail encryption, online security and online storage and backup, the ability to host online meetings and more, including the Verizon Small Business Center a one-stop online destination with many free resources and free webinars.


It’s a long way from what small businesses had at their disposal even five years ago…and certainly more than David’s rock.  So log on and let us know what you think and better still, if you need what Verizon offers.  A place in small business lore – and a slingshot - could be waiting for you just around the corner!

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