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Does Your Business Have the Right Broadband?

Does Your Business Have the Right Broadband?
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎04-25-2010 10:39 PM

1049i1184CDC14C2CBED7Your small business may be running along smoothly, but can it do better?  For small businesses that transmit and receive large files constantly, do you have a fast-enough Internet connection?  For a business that accepts credit cards, again, is your credit card processing machine attached to a dial-up or high-speed Internet connection? Or is your current broadband connection limiting your business potential?


You may think it doesn’t matter, but it does.  Internet speed is important in running almost any business today, and the right network will better support the applications you will one day very soon rely on.  Take for instance the explosion of HD and soon-to-come 3D content and the popularity of Internet applications like streaming video – broadband demand is still growing.  Recently, Verizon leveraged its super-fast FiOS Internet connection to bring Verizon Concierge, enabling the “digital-lifestyle”, to properties free of charge.

It’s best to be prepared and know all your options so you are not left behind, trying to catch up.  Take, for instance, property owners who own buildings which they rent or lease to residents or tenants.  One way many property owners are attracting new occupants is by having available the latest cutting-edge technology, namely Verizon FiOS all-fiber-optic network, at their building.


Starting today and running until April 28 Broadband Properties Magazine will host the 7th annual Broadband Properties Summit where the main topic under discussion will be how broadband and, more specifically, fiber-optic technologies are transforming the way we live, work and play.


Attendees from all across the country from property owners to engineers to telecommunications and technology experts will gather to examine the latest broadband strategies of cities, communities, and carriers, enabling attendees to learn from the experience of their peers and gain insight into how to leverage broadband technologies to increase the appeal of their service offerings, their properties, their cities, and their towns.


You too can leverage broadband to make your business run more efficiently.

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