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Find Business Apps in a Snap

Find Business Apps in a Snap
Copper Contributor Kathy_Johnson ‎03-26-2012 02:20 PM

It is safe to say that whether you own a business or work for a company, you will find yourself engrossed in the business app world.  This phenomena all started with companies touting they have hundreds of thousands of consumer related apps, and then it quickly moved on to business apps which now boasts apps in many verticals across all business functionalities.


As a small business owner time is a limited resource and managing that time with the core business and finding the right tools can be a challenge.  One question many Small Businesses ask is how do you find the appropriate app to meet their specific business needs?  At Verizon Wireless, we recommend that you initially develop a business app strategy. 


Once you have developed your Business App strategy, the next step is to find the apps.  Recently, Verizon Wireless launched the Small Business Advisor.  This is an easy to use self serve web tool designed to locate mobile business apps that fit your specific business needs.  In three steps, this interactive wizard format will recommend the right apps for your business, saving you the time from sifting through hundreds – maybe even thousands – of apps


Small Business Solutions Made Easy.

 SmallBiz Advisor.jpg








The solutions recommended are based on your company size, your particular industry, mobile platforms/tasks and your business needs.  By answering a few simple questions, businesses can generate meaningful recommendations centered on Smartphones and Tablets as well as the solutions and applications that compliment them.  The whole process takes mere minutes.    Again, not only does the Small Business Advisor recommend solutions, it also gives the option to purchase the app (or download for free) within the tool itself via QR Code or specific app stores.  Not sure what a QR code is; read this post.


Check out the Small Business Advisor if you haven’t already and share some of the solutions you found. 


If you need further assistance, feel free to visit your nearest Verizon Wireless store and speak to a representative about the Small Business Advisory tool and/or the apps recommended.



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