Finding Your Dream and Follow It; No Matter Your Age

Finding Your Dream and Follow It; No Matter Your Age

Finding Your Dream and Follow It; No Matter Your Age

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Guest post by tween entrepreneur, fashion designer and stylist Essynce Moore, CEO of Essynce Couture


Goals can be hard to reach, whether if you’re in the process of reaching them or you’ve made it.  I’m in between these “two stages,” with my business Essynce Couture, an upscale clothing line for kids, tweens, and teens.


I started designing when I was six years old. Then it was for fun and during my creative time.  Eventually, when I turned nine my mom noticed my sketches and asked, “Essynce you’ve been doing this for a while now, you seem to be enjoying it, do you want to make this real?  Do you want this business to come to life?”  No second thought was taken at that very moment: I was starting my own business! 


Before, getting to the big fashion shows and events my mom and I needed to get a seamstress.  To find someone to make the clothes I sketched, my mother and I posted an ad online on whom we needed and why.  After, two interviews we found a seamstress.  She produced all of my designs – turned my drawings of shirts, dresses, pants and others and brought them to life.


Essynce website.jpgTo launch the business and get it out there letting everyone know about it I wanted to make it official so we had a launch party!  We invited other kids my age and they were doing so many different things including DJ-ing, modeling, taking pictures, performing and more – all kids showing off their skillsets like I was showing off mine.     


Everyone had a good time.  The food, the music, MY DESIGNS were all amazing!   A camera crew recorded the event and made an awesome video that was posted on YouTube and helped to get my business and me some great exposure.  That video helped me start my Essynce Couture YouTube channel. There was a great dance performance from Hillside’s M.A.D.E STARS dance team.  Everything turned out great – beyond what I had imagined.


Today I’m doing fashion shows around town, teaching kids how to become an entrepreneur, and I’m in the midst of Essynce in pink - cropped.jpgshooting commercials for my body product line.  I am also busy maintaining good grades and trying to do so much more!  I think it’s cool how I’m doing all of this at the age of 11, yet I’ve only just begun.  I still have more goals and dreams to achieve; including going to a designing school and exploring my other potentials.  No matter where my future leads me, Essynce Couture will always be part of not only my life but me! 


So what’s your dream and are you going to follow it? 


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