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Getting 2017 Started Right

Getting 2017 Started Right

Getting 2017 Started Right

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎01-16-2017 12:30 PM

Getting 2017 started right.jpgJanuary is a different month for different businesses. For some it’s reenergizing, as employees and customers get back to work after the holidays. For others it’s a slow time that follows the holiday spending season. Either way, it is a good time to look at your company from different angles and perhaps make some changes or improvements.

Here is a checklist to help you think about what you can do to set up the New Year to grow your business even more.

Make your financial systems all bright and shiny. Take a look at your accounting processes and applications. Is there room for improvement? With tax season upon us, this is a good time to polish up this part of your business. As one part of your accounting process, you can manage your Verizon account via our app. More info>>

Assess your technology risk. If you have hardware or software problems, do you have a reliable solution to get them fixed? The more you use computers to do business, the more you need 24/7 technology support. Verizon Tech Support Pro can provide IT support to help keep everything running smoothly. More info>>

Verify that your internet is working for you. It is so easy to ramp up the use of the internet in the course of doing business. There are so many excellent tools, applications and devices that can help streamline operations and accelerate growth, but you can end up with a sluggish internet if you don’t have enough bandwidth to take on your great new tools. If your network is running noticeably slower than it used to after you’ve added new devices and applications, or you need to grow your business, you may need to get more bandwidth and faster speed for your online activities. We can help make sure you have the internet you need. More info>>

Optimize your online marketing. The way you market on the internet will depend on the type of business you own and the market you serve, but all businesses must be pursuing effective digital marketing. Review your online marketing tactics and make improvements where needed. Revamp the website, ramp up social media participation, rethink your email marketing strategy, and look at all the other places where your company shows up in cyberspace. Then decide what needs to be done to get to the next level, and make it happen.

Commit to continuous learning. There are so many things to learn and master as a small business owner. It can be hard to keep up with what you need to know and to find new ideas, approaches and strategies. The free Verizon Small Business Webinar series is designed to bring relevant experts and information to the screen nearest you, so that you can keep learning about leading edge business practices. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at the webinar archives for some guidance. More info>>

Spend January setting things up for more productivity, and the rest of 2017 promises to be a year of more growth.

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