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How to Develop a World-Class Email Advertising Program Without Spending a Fortune

How to Develop a World-Class Email Advertising Program Without Spending a Fortune

How to Develop a World-Class Email Advertising Program Without Spending a Fortune

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎06-20-2017 05:25 AM

webinar.JPGIn 1978, Digital Equipment Corporation’s Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager, sent an email promoting DEC’s machines to a few hundred recipients. This became the first documented case of email advertising in the world, and earned Thuerk the nickname of “the father of SPAM.”

Thuerk prefers to be known as the “father of e-marketing,” and he’s got a case, because that simple act of sending one single email to 397 people resulted in around $13 million dollars in sales for DEC!


Since that fateful day 40 years ago, many other forms of digital marketing have sprung up. Banner ads, PPC, video ads, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and now social media marketing have all become important parts of the digital marketing landscape. Some businesses have even abandoned email as “old-fashioned.”
Neglecting email as a marketing channel is a huge mistake, however. Year after year, surveys prove that email continues to be the most effective form of online marketing, as well as one of the easiest to execute.

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Here are some of the main reasons why email remains the bread and butter of online marketers:

Email is cheap. For small businesses, there is hardly any other marketing channel which offers such great returns with such little investment. Many can do it for free.
Actions are trackable. You can tell exactly who opens your emails, who ignores them, and who clicks through to your website or landing page. Try that with Google display ads—not going to happen.

It is easy to gauge results. You can tell whether your emails are working to put money in your pocket in a very direct way: subscribers either click through to your website and buy something, or they don’t. It is much harder to gauge sales from social media posts, generic blogging efforts, or even viral videos, as these are more branding tools rather than direct response mechanisms.
You own your audience. As Facebook has demonstrated, third party platforms can reduce your visibility with your “fans” at any time. And while it is hard to imagine it going out of business, it could still happen one day. What if the only way to contact your audience is through that platform? Believe it or not, many businesses operate this way, and it is foolish. With email, you retain ownership of your audience, and do not rely on a third-party to communicate with them.
Avoid ad blockers and display ad fraud. Consumers are increasingly using ad blockers to stop intrusive marketers from interrupting their content consumption. And display ad fraud is an increasing problem, with many firms paying for invalid clicks and impressions with little transparency or recourse from agencies. With email, your customers have opted in to receive your marketing messages, so ad blockers and fraud are a non-issue.

I hope you are convinced of the value of email marketing. If so, please read on for a special free invitation.

Learn the secrets and get BIG results with your email campaigns


Small business owners who fail to leverage email advertising are losing out on many sales opportunities. Fortunately, it takes very little time to set up an email campaign and start generating leads and revenue. The problem is that many do not know where to start – or are afraid of sending something out which falls flat with customers.

In my upcoming webinar, How to Develop a World-Class Email Advertising Program Without Spending a Fortune, I will show you the power of email marketing and provide actionable, real-world tips which will allow any business to dramatically increase leads and revenue using email. I will also show you how to use many of the same tools and tactics used by Fortune 500 companies with huge marketing budgets – for FREE or very low cost.

After attending this information-packed session, you will be able to:

• Choose the right email platform for your business
• Earn new subscribers and retain your old ones
• Properly segment your list into distinct audiences
• Produce compelling offers which generate sales
• Track opens and see EXACTLY what people do when they visit your website
• Automate tasks to save time
• Keep content fresh month after month
• Perform A/B testing to increase opens and engagement
• and much more


Expect to get fired up about your email marketing program and start getting more leads. Tell everyone involved in generating revenue for your business to join you in watching this special webinar, happening June 21st! Register here.


Speaker bio: Willie Pena is a content marketing expert and blogger with over a decade’s experience in digital advertising and content production. He currently runs Pena Media Group, a Los Angeles based marketing, social media and content production agency whose clients include Colgate, IBM, TransUnion, Webroot and many notable business blogs across the web. Connect with Willie at, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @willie_pena.

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