How to Get the Most Bang from Your Buck (and Save Time) with Smarter Email Campaigns

How to Get the Most Bang from Your Buck (and Save Time) with Smarter Email Campaigns

How to Get the Most Bang from Your Buck (and Save Time) with Smarter Email Campaigns

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By Willie Pena, @willie_pena


With email still recognized as the most effective and easiest form of online marketing, some small business owners might be bewildered at their lack of results with this marketing channel. After all, if it’s so effective and easy, then why are they not getting much business from it?


It all boils down to choosing the right tools and developing the best strategy, something which I teach to my private consulting clients all the time. Now you get to learn some of my marketing secrets thanks to Verizon’s webinars for small business owners like you, for free.


In my upcoming webinar for Verizon, How to Get the Most Bang from Your Buck (and Save Time) with Smarter Email Campaigns, I will expand on the knowledge I shared in my previous seminar How to Develop a World-Class Email Advertising Program Without Spending a Fortune. (I highly recommend you watch it)


I delivered that webinar this past July, and it was a hit! Hundreds of attendees learned how to start an effective email advertising program for very little money or even free, and the response was tremendous, with letters thanking me and requesting more information still coming in to this day. This showed people were hungry for more, and so I am going to dive even deeper into effective email advertising and cover things I wasn’t able to in the last webinar.


This webinar is organized around the five things I teach my consulting clients in order to get the most bang for the buck and save time with smarter email campaigns:


  1. Know Your Customers: The first thing to do is figure out who you are trying to sell to. By knowing your customer, you can tailor your messages to each group. A CPA might have several different customer groups: small business owners, individuals who need help dealing with the IRS, firms that need training/setup help with Quickbooks, etc. Each of these customers is being sold a different service, and should be targeted individually. In my webinar I will teach you to establish your customer personas, so you can target more effectively.
  2. Develop Great Offers: To cut through the clutter and avoid being generic, you need to create great offers which spur the buying decision. This means creating killer subject lines and email bodies and layouts which work. Regardless of your industry, you can create excitement with your emails to increase open rates and clickthroughs. I will show you how.
  3. Align Your Forces: Rather than send out random emails every once in a while, I teach clients to plan campaigns which align all marketing channels, including social media, print, and PPC. I will share some tools and templates you can use to stay organized and keep track of what to send next from all channels.
  4. Automate: The more you can hand over to an email or marketing automation platform, the better. There are some free or cheap tools which will help you tie all your online marketing together so you can run your business and serve customers as opposed to tinker with your computer all day.
  5. Measure & Refine: If 1000 people open an email, but none respond, there is something very wrong. I will teach you what to look for to gauge success and some tools to improve your conversion rates.


Other things I will cover:


  • Advanced tips to increase sales using email
  • How to make people respond NOW
  • Develop killer subject lines and offers using questions, how to’s, commands, lists or controversy.
  • Learn the best day and time to send an email
  • Decide between HTML and text emails for your business
  • Automate mundane marketing tasks
  • Easily optimize for both mobile and desktop audiences
  • Make each campaign better than the last
  • and many more tips and tricks of the trade!


All small business owners and marketers interested in doubling or tripling their sales from email marketing are highly encouraged to attend.


If you missed the first seminar, I HIGHLY recommend watching the playback here, and email me at to request a copy of the presentation to study and share with your team.

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