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In Time for Father’s Day - ‘Dadpreneurs’ Get Ready to Win $5,000 Cash!

In Time for Father’s Day - ‘Dadpreneurs’ Get Ready to Win $5,000 Cash!

In Time for Father’s Day - ‘Dadpreneurs’ Get Ready to Win $5,000 Cash!

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎06-06-2011 11:28 AM

dad_smallbiz_final.jpgWith Father’s Day fast upon us, it makes sense for us to recognize some of our entrepreneurs who do double duty as dads. If you’re a dad and a Verizon customer who owns your own business, we have a contest that recognizes all your hard work.


Verizon’s ‘Hardest Working Small Biz Dad’ contest  begins today and runs through June 19th.  It’s simple to enter –  just share your story with us. Tell us how you manage running your own business and your household by either uploading a short video or submitting a blog post. 


The ‘Hardest Working Small Biz Dad’ in America will win $5,000 cash, 6 months of Verizon Websites powered by Intuit or Verizon WebListings, and free monthly maid service for an entire year.  Just think of all the points you’ll earn with your spouse if neither of you need to clean for an entire year!  Imagine the other things you can do… catch up on projects or finally tackle that long list of errands.  The cash can go toward anything you desire, whether you put it towards your business or invest in some new technology (see the latest DROID phones here)… It’s your call. You deserve it! 


Below you’ll find details on the contest and don’t worry if you want to submit a video, but don’t quite know how; our friends at Ladies Who Launch prepared a tutorial video to show you how!


Contestants need to be a Verizon or Verizon Wireless customer and submit a brief video (not to exceed 2 minutes with a URL link to their video submission) or a blog post (maximum 325 words) to this announcement in the comments section below.  You will have to establish a log-in if you have never logged in before.  Once a log-in is established you can submit your blog post.


In addition to the $5,000 and free cleaning service for a year grand prize, second prize will be a $600 gift card from Apple and $1,000 in a prepaid gift card.  Third prize is a $500 prepaid gift card.


Again, dadpreneurs planning to submit a blog post, you must submit your blog post in the comment section that is at the end of this blog post.  For dadpreneurs submitting a video, upload it to a video sharing site like Youtube or Vimeo and then share the link to your video in the entry form on the Verizon Small Biz Facebook page.


Good luck!


I started my business six years ago in order to make sure that my wife and I never had to leave the kids in daycare.  She worked days, so I started a hood and exhaust cleaning company that worked nights.  It was a rough start and transition, but soon enough I was able to work through the night, sleep in the mornings, and be home all day with the kids.  Now, six years later, my three children are all in school and I use the mornings to still sleep, but have plenty of time to do grocery shopping, paying bills, planning/cooking meals (a passion), cleaning, and working to keep the business running – and all before the kids come home from school and my wife from work.  I still work nights, and only sleep a few hours per day, but I’m able to go on field trips with my kids, volunteer at school, coach my kids’ sports teams, and enjoy my family at dinner every evening. 


I take pride in both my business and family – both are top rated, not just in my book, but by peers and friends alike.  My wife and I have a wonderful relationship and I am more involved with my children’s lives than many other parent s are.  I have always made my family time a top priority.  By owning my own business, I can make a schedule to allow for us to travel, and plan frequent trips to the mountains for snowboarding where my two youngest boys (ages 8 and nearly 9) are in serious preparation to take on Shaun White in a few years.  😉


I could never imagine a life of working those 9-5 hours or having a regular job – even if I don’t sleep much in life, I  cherish the time I have every day to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit, clean, cook, and I still have plenty of time being the best dad and husband possible. 


My name is Kyle and I am a 12 year disabled Navy Veteran, just recently attending the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. I started my own business this last January, 2011, due to the financial struggle I had endured while attending culinary school. I received the Montgomery GI Bill for full tuition costs, unfortunately the government had thought they worked out all of the kinks, I was one of those cases where the kink drained my savings account, my families savings and the roof over my head. To make a long story short, while I was on Externship in January, my school decided to dis enroll me, which in turn kicked back any housing, stipend etc that was what I was living off of. So, with nothing to go back to in New York, I saw an opportunity to take over a business which had been shut down for years, and possibly pull a bit of profit to pay the bills and support the family.

I then put together  my LLC, busted out a bunch of killer recipes for some of my favorite foods. Got my facility USDA certified, re opened the doors and now have contracts mass producing gourmet food items and of course Smoked BBQ. I am trying to get my line of Gourmet Beef Jerky products on the shelves by June 25th. I also branched off my facility to accommodate Food Research and Development and have already signed a $24K contract for one item. You can check out my profile and TV Show videos from when I was on Bravo's Chef Academy:

Kyle Kupiszewski(KUP)



I am a father of 3 and a half owner of an information technology company, based out of New York City, with 10 employees and about 500 active clients and it’s been two months from hell. 


It all started when my 1 year old daughter broke her arm, a couple days later my 4 year old son came down with bronchitis, a few days later my daughter got some kind of liver or stomach virus that put her in the hospital with my wife for a week and a half with me left to run my household and the company.  Both of my boys, 4 and 7, got the flu, with a fever spiking to just over 103 degrees, that first weekend prior to my wife coming home. A few days after my wife came home she tore some muscles and ligaments in her back which hospitalized her for a few days and now left me with three children to deal with. 


Upon my wife’s return, she was on bed rest, going to doctor’s appointments multiple times a week and undergoing physical therapy twice a week while I tried to figure out how to balance all that goes into running the household and my business, without sacrificing the attention that either required of me.  On top of the personal issues, these have been the hardest two months financially for our company in over 10 years, as no one wants to pay in a timely fashion. 


Luckily, since I own my own business and with advancements in technology I am blessed to be able to work from home or anywhere, thanks to my Verizon iPhone and separate Verizon MiFi, for that matter and arrange my schedule around my family’s needs. I am sure there is a reason for all of this; I am just waiting to find out what it is.


My name is Mike Vest.  I’m 30yrs old.  My small business, Harvard Cornhole, was created for something fun to do that, in essence, would help out with smaller bills around the house, or help pay for mini-vacations.  I work full time as a Supervisor of Telecommunications for a Police Department.  I’m married with 3 small kids.  My “part-time” job so to speak is setting up shop in either my basement or garage and making the ever popular and fast growing game of “bags.” (The official term is “Cornhole.”)  The game of tossing a corn filled bag at a board with a hole in the middle.  Since I started my small business, I’ve created 20 Cornhole sets for various customers around Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and even in North Carolina. 


My wife of 7 years quit her job 2½ years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a hair stylist.  Her schooling would be tough on both of our schedules, and bank accounts.  I fully supported her, as she had supported me in the past.  I worked during the daytime, she went to school at night time.  The kids were troopers through it all.  When I decided to make my own Cornhole set 1 ½ years ago, I realized how fun it was to work with wood products.  From there, I had a friend request a set, then the City of Harvard requested one for a fundraiser, and from there it was a full-time; part-time job!  Each Cornhole set can take up to a week and half to make, depending on paint, design and other variations. 


Since I work full time during the day, and with the orders I have coming in for me to work on at night, I always make sure that my two sons get to help with the boards.  Even the minor task of having them help clean the paint brushes, puts smiles on their faces.  The money that I have made goes directly to a vacation fund to make sure my wife, kids and myself can enjoy quality time together away from the “Harvard Cornhole Workshop!”


I'm a Dad and an entreprenuer.  I've been self employed all my life and have raised my daughter with the belief that reporting to yourself is the best path to success in life.  I've worked hard all my life as a contractor but these last two years on Long Island have been brutal for the home improvement business.  I witnessed friends go out of business, friends losing their homes, and most of all of us at the deli's drinking coffee questioning the future of this great country.  I decided then to open up my own business.  I developed a website with a store and went to work.  


These past few months have been a struggle but I'm excited for the future of my business and for the ability to show my daughter that hard work and peseverance can pay off in the long run.  I consider myself your average contractor and not a guy who wears long coats to work.  My Verizon Fios allows me to run my website from any location and allows me to bring my website to possible retailers to sell my product in their store.  I know my wife would be estatic to have help around the house as my pat answer to when are you going to take out the garbage is not now - the website sent me a question.  


My daughter is my world.  I've worked extremely hard to help her grow up into the woman she is today.  She just graduated college this May and I'm so proud of her accomplishment.  I've worked hard to put her through college and to show her that hard work is it's own reward.  She's not a perfect daughter but she works hard and is extremely independent.  Most girls her age can't make that claim.  I'd love to win this contest and show her that you can reinvent yourself at any age.  I don't have a regular job to fall back on nor do I have a second income from my spouse to help out - this business is it for us - our path towards retirement and our passion for the next twenty years.  We're not doing it for extra cash or vacations - but to make it our career and our legacy for our daughter. 


Hello ------ For over a week, I have been trying to use the form at to upload a video for your contest. It doesn't work!!! I was in touch with Kevin last week, but haven't heard anything more about a solution to this problem !!! Can somebody please get in touch with me and let me know WHERE i can enter my video..... I would like to enter this contest! You can contact me at  or Kevin has my email and phone number.


While you wait, you can watch my video here:





Employee Emeritus

Thanks Sam for following up.  We're looking into your issue and we'll get back to you shortly.  Thank you for your patience.


Ellen Yu

Verizon Small Business

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My name is Peter, and  I'm a Dad of two little boys, a husband to an amazing wife, and a restaurant owner. We opened our business in 2007, about 4 months before my first son was born. I had grown up in the restaurant business, so I knew what I was getting in to, but I knew the hard work would eventually pay off and I'd be able to support my family the way my Dad supported us when my brother and I were kids. 


The restaurant business is hard, there are no shortcuts, and in order to be successful, you have to be there and not rely on others to run your business the way you know it should be run. So, a 100 hour week is not out of the ordinary. In fact, that's been the norm for me for the last 4 years. In 2009, our second son was born, and I couldn't be prouder to be a dad of two sons. Owning a restaurant though, takes away from precious family time. Thankfully, my wife is able to stay home with the boys, which gives me peace of mind.


The stresses of being a parent, running a business and managing my home life are formidable, as those in my position know. There are many obstacles to hurdle on a weekly basis, and I say this with all sincerity; Being with Verizon has been a pleasure. Out of all the companies I deal with for business and home, I am happiest with Verizon. In almost 10 years, I've never had an issue. Pretty remarkable in this day and age.


My plan for the future is to keep growing my business, and possibly expand. Continue to give my family the comfortable home life they're used to, raise my boys to appreciate the rewards hard work will bring, and of course enjoy being a dad for many , many years.


The new version of my video, without the music, is posted here:


Sam Rosenthal / Projekt Records /


“Stay at Home” dad would be a misnomer.  I’m more like a “Stay at Hospital” dad.  Three years ago, just as the economy tanked, my wife and I opened a huge, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital.  She’s the veterinarian and I’m the everything else. 

We’re open 8a-8p, 7 days a week (those are just the “official” hours!) While my wife sees appointments and surgery, I handle the myriad business details:  staffing, payroll, bookkeeping, invoices, taxes, inventory, cash-flow PLUS veterinary-specific regulations: radiologic, anesthetic, biomedical waste; medical and drug licensing by an alphabet soup of boards and commissions; and all local township, county and state ordinances- which seem to change with every election.


Aside from business skills, I am “cursed” with being “handy.”  A new building is not a problem-free one!  So I repair windvanes, fences and pond pumps; fix faulty wires, clogged drains, broken autoclaves, x-ray processors, washers/dryers and centrifuges; and create, maintain and manage computers, printers, routers, cable, ethernet, wi-fi and our website.


When a staff member is out, I answer phones, check-in clients, place IV catheters, take x-rays, analyze lab samples, mop the floor and handle overnight patient care.  I do whatever it takes to keep the hospital running.


And of course I do this with 2 children at my side!  To add to the joyous chaos, my wife got pregnant shortly after we opened.  My day starts feeding, changing, clothing our 2-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son, packing them in the car and running errands: bank, post-office, stores for hospital supplies, office supplies, parts for the latest repairs.


My office looks like a daycare center with playpens, bouncy swings and activity centers. Multi-tasking? I can feed and change my son, put the pigtails and shoes back on my daughter, all while on the phone and computer.


My wife and I are exhausted and our house looks like a tornado went through, but our business and children are thriving! This makes being “The Busiest Dadpreneur” all worthwhile.


Chaotic doesn't begin to describe an average day in my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm a dad to 3 great kids - Aiden(7), Cody(2) and Autumn (7 months).  Early on my wife and I decided that although it wouldn't be the easy route, that we wanted to run our business so that it allows us to spend as much time with our children as possible.  This has meant a lot of sacrifices and a lot of juggling business and family at the same time.  Being a business owner and being a stay at home dad each have their own set of unique challenges, and combining them makes for a daily rollercoaster of emails, diapers, phone calls and sick kids. We often have our kids at meetings, which at times makes for a scene that rivals any comedy on TV.  Often our clients will ask to hold the baby or our 2 year old will go sit on their lap as I talk to them about what we can offer them for their website.

My business, WebLeaps, is a website design company and having Verizon for wireless services and business phone is essential, especially when I'm out on the go.  It allows me to check emails, have phone calls forwarded when on vacation and use my phone for internet access for my laptop when I'm out at meetings and wifi isn't available. 

My alarm in the morning is my kids waking up, followed by handling phone calls and emails throughout the day, watching the kids and trying to keep everyone happy. As much of a struggle as it can be, and as difficult as it is at times, at the end of the day it's all worth it to be able to watch my kids grow up.  I can honestly say that out of all the accomplishments in my life, my best moments come from being a dad.

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