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Is Your Small Business Ready?

Is Your Small Business Ready?
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎01-02-2014 12:27 PM

sm_med_biz_final_81511.pngQ&A with Mary Yarbrough, vice president of small business marketing for Verizon discusses being “Small Business Ready,” featured in the independent supplement by MediaPlanet to USA Today, distributed between Dec. 20-22.




Q1. With the New Year around the corner, what tips do you have for small business owners?


VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgA1. In business, speed matters. No matter the size of your business, you should review your communications products and services regularly to ensure you have the right tools to help you grow your business and improve productivity. Businesses need to send and receive large data files and your bandwidth may not be sufficient, or your business may require additional phone lines to handle the increased call volume. As more and more employees use wireless devices and access cloud based applications and data, a secure and reliable connection is critical. For more insights, we offer a series of free webinars available on-demand featuring small business experts sharing tips to grow your business at www.verizon.com/webinar.


Q2. How do you suggest a small business evaluate their communications needs?


A2. You need to regularly consider your business’ needs. Has your call volume increased? Are you missing many calls? Does it take a long time to send a large file? Can you not take a credit card payment on the go? Today, calls can be redirected to your mobile; there are Internet speeds of up to 500 Mpbs… and credit card payment can be accepted on your smartphone.


The right Internet and phone service is essential to meeting your customers’ demands. Small business owners know how to run their businesses better than anyone else and when their business is “ready,” they’re unstoppable.


Q3. As Verizon serves millions of small businesses across the country, what have you observed?


A3. Unfortunately, many businesses have not fully leveraged the available technology to help their business grow and prosper. There are so many solutions for small businesses that can help them increase productivity or grab that new revenue stream. For instance, many businesses don’t have a website and/or they do not accept credit card payments or their security package doesn’t protect customers’ information. An annual check-up and account review will ensure small business owners are always “Small Business Ready.” 


To view the entire supplement download the pdf (see page 12): http://doc.mediaplanet.com/all_projects/13301.pdf.


Is your small business ready for 2014?

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