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It’s Time to Give Your Business A ‘Tune-Up’


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It’s Time to Give Your Business A ‘Tune-Up’
Employee ‎04-19-2011 11:39 AM

Just like a car needs a tune up every so often, your business needs one too.  If you’re in business, it’s a good idea to review your business plans quarterly.  Perhaps it’s changing the layout of your retail shop or updating your menu.  With each quarterly review, it’s also a good time to review your business’ telecommunications service and determine if you have the right services.  Do you need faster broadband speeds?  Do you need more phone lines?  Perhaps your dental office could use TV service?  Or perhaps it’s finally time to get a website for your business?


If you are looking to upgrade your current services or shopping for new services, consider Verizon.  We offer many products and services for businesses of all sizes.  Any of our services can be purchased in a bundle or individually, with or without a term agreement.


For Verizon’s small business bundled customers who are growing and seeking to add four phone lines or more, the company is now offering even greater savings starting on your 4th featured (qualified) line.


Many small businesses need additional phone lines to handle the credit card machine, alarm systems, a dedicated line for the fax machine and to keep the main business line clear to capture all incoming calls.  The savings can be substantial from $8 in savings to $10 or more per line – and of course, bundled customers save a whole lot more than those who choose a la carte services.


For businesses that don’t need to add more phone lines, but are interested in shopping for broadband services…Verizon’s latest online exclusive promotion for these businesses that subscribe to our FiOS Internet or High Speed Internet service is a free activation – a value of $149.99 – and $5 off per month for 24 months with a 2-year commitment. 


A note that all of Verizon’s business bundled services include the business essentials (businesses can select 2-year term or no-term (month-to-month) options): online security; online backup; an easy do-it-yourself website design software; Google Apps; complimentary Wi-Fi and more.  Bundled services ordered online will get $10 off per month for 24 months with a 2-year commitment.  For additional information visit


Let us know if you bundled your telecommunications services.





Verizon is an outstanding company. I have residential FIOS for internet, phone, and TV, and biz internet, phone, and TV. Verizon also provides my cellular connectivity. Rarely are there any service problems, and the staff is always professional and courteous (unlike experiences I've had with other companies.) I write Verizon checks totalling $500-$600 each month. My business by the way is effectively a company of one.


My complaint: the biz TV costs are outrageous!!!  I'd advise the small business owner not to get biz TV unless it's an essential benefit to operations. Yes, the $12 basic package is okay, but rabbit ears might suffice. If you want music and cable news, be prepared to spend about another $90. For this proprietor, it ain't worth it. I hoped to have the music channels for background music, and occasionally tune into cable news during lunch. But for $100/month, it's way, way, way too expensive. I can get Rhapsody for $10/month. I'll catch up on the TV cable news at home.







Thanks for your comment; however, I don't think it's fair for your generalization.  Verizon offers a broad range of services as a stand alone as well as in a bundle -- which offers the most savings.  If you'd like we'll be happy to have a Verizon small business customer service specialist reach out to you to go over your account.  Please send us an email with your contact information to


In the meantime, check out this blog post -- link below -- about what TV can do for any business:


Ellen Yu


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