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Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Nickel Contributor ‎07-28-2010 08:23 PM

1323i8E66F439910B8084In Verizon’s Small Business group, one of our goals is to create a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas.  Providing you – the small business owner – with valuable content, rewards and applications to grow your business, we want to be relevant and bring you the customized tools you’ll need.  It’s important for us to give you practical reasons that support the technology decisions you make.


This week we debut new pages within highlighting testimonials and case studies from Verizon customers who are putting Verizon products and services to work to grow their businesses.  Watch the four initial videos of business owners and learn about their challenges and see their solutions to stay connected and grow their businesses.  Here are some insights from our small business customers:


Days available to work remotely per month:

Online orders per week:

  • Before Verizon FiOS Internet - 3
  • After Verizon FiOS Internet: - 10

    These are just two examples of how Verizon can work for you.  Come meet April, Aniello, Tad, and James and learn how Verizon helps keep their businesses running smoothly. Watch for more satisfied Verizon customers, additional testimonials and case studies that showcase a variety of business types, business owners, and service needs. 


    If you are a Verizon small business customer and you’d like to share your story with us, please post in the comments section below or send me an email through this blog.

Copper Contributor

While I've been happy Verizon Fios customer at home, my recent experience as business customer has been a very different story.


Started as Verizon business customer mid-April. Have a package with FIOS internet & 2 phone lines & Google apps & domain name.


Created a domain for my business and couple of email accounts. After a few days when I wanted to create 3rd gmail account realized that I had no means for managing Google accounts anymore. Contacted Verizon support and they created a ticket for me. Nothing happened (for a week) and called a again, Verizon folks creataed another ticket and nothing happened.


Package I had was with no initiation fee and no charge for wireless router. The first invoice Verizon sent was for 550$ and included 150 for wireless router + initiation fee + other stuff. Called Verizon again and they explained PC security  and backup and one reason for the big number.Told person I discussed with I'm not using those and they can be removed. Those are "free" services and I should have thought twice before removing them.


Invoice was at the end of the call 118$, which felt about the right amount.


Same day I received emails (6) from Verizon saying my PC security, backup, Google apps & domain services were removed.


I ordered already some business forms where I used my new domain& email. Now that email was removed by Verizon. I called immediately to Verizon support and a person told me I should receive an email later that day and start rebuilding Google apps stuff (email accounts & domain registration). I didn't see any email and called again today and person I discussed with told there was no actions taken to restore my services. I should see another email by the end of business today when services are restored. 


For some reason I'm not holding my breath. I can't believe how bad Verizon's business service support is. I cannot trust them anymore after these episodes. 

Copper Contributor

Well, seeing some progress.


Verizon sent me a refund of 60$. Also found out that my second phone line was never connected and had Verizon engineer visiting our office the other day. Works now.


Finally received that activation email from Verizon. Stuck in the Google apps activation  process. Option missing where you have Verizon as a Domain name registrar. Ticket being opened with Google. Spent ~30 minutes chatting with Verizon support.


One month (of troubleshooting) and counting.

Copper Contributor

Google ticket was opened Thursday. Still cannot register with Google apps (today is Wednesday). 


Google apps was activated, as I can access one of the email accounts I created. Cannot login with my admin account (assuming because registration is not done).



Copper Contributor



2 weeks since that ticket was opened and I don't see anything happening. Still can't register Google apps. Couple of Verizon people called last week saying my problems will most certainly get fixed quickly now that we have Google ticket open.


I still need that email address as I have printed sales material with that. Decided to move my domain to Paid for it already, but they cannot move the domain until mid-June (60 days from purchasing domain).



Copper Contributor



2 sessions this week with Verizon support. Earlier (Monday or Tuesday) spent maybe an hour with a guy who even watched what I'm typing in (shared screen). Conclusion was that Verizon needs to make some changes on their Web site, which will take 24-48 hours. They will be in touch.


Another call today and support guy told me my issues were solved. When verifying this I found the same problem with activating Google apps was still there. Had to explain what the problem is once again. Support person closed the call saying they will be in touch (and there must be something they can do without taking my 1 working email address down).


Received SMS from Verizon about ticket creation and that it will be resolved by 6/3 5PM. This is exciting.


Opened my first ticket on this topic April 23rd. There hasn't been any progress, but is has gotten worse. 


How difficult can it be:


Getting this error message when trying to activate Google apps "This domain is already registered with Verizon. Please select the last option presented below ("Select from the domains you've registered with Verizon") and hit Next"


That proposed "Verizon" option is missing.



Employee Emeritus


I am very sorry for the delay in getting your issue solved. We have escalted this to our website team and we should see some results soon.  Once I get an update from them I will call you directly.


Thank you,

Copper Contributor



Received 3 calls from Verizon this week: First (this was Monday) was to ask how satisfied I was with Verizon support. Not very. Second came today asking if my Verizon services work. Google apps still doesn't work. Caller told me she will call back in a minute to give status update. Third call now with the same person as earlier & she connected me with Verizon support. Going through the same discussion as always. What the problem is etc. Verizon has opened a ticket with Google & problem should be solved no later than noon tomorrow (Thursday June  7th). Lets see what happens.




Copper Contributor



Two more calls with Verizon support since the last posting. No progress.


Last week had a screen sharing session with Verizon. They took some screenshots and we went through what the problem is.


Yesterday (Monday) Verizon support called and asked me to do one more use case for them (&Google support). 


Received Verizon bill yesterday. Looked a bit bigger than what I expected. Called their billing today and there was 114$ mistake. Last month mistake was 371$.



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