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Not Sure What Your Business Needs? Get A Free Recommendation

Not Sure What Your Business Needs? Get A Free Recommendation

Not Sure What Your Business Needs? Get A Free Recommendation

Nickel Contributor ‎07-02-2010 11:09 AM

1235iC518B5C04487C78FWhen your business gets growing, it’s no time to cool off and bask in the dog daze of summer.  To help keep yourself on track, take a look at the Verizon Small Business Solutions Recommender.  It takes you through a series of basic questions to help you highlight what’s important at any stage of business growth.


Since the needs of a small business can vary, it’s key to consider what type of technology or applications would be most beneficial to you.  For example, do you need the ability synchronize calendars and tasks for smartphones? Or do you need backup and online storage for your office computers? Or maybe just a simple website?


The Small Business Solutions Recommender asks you to tell us about your business – how many employees, how long you’ve been in business and what’s important to you – efficiency, saving money, collaboration, etc. 


The next step asks you to tell us about your communication needs – everything from operating in multiple locations, sending and receiving large files to allowing your employees remote access to data files.


Finally, the Small Business Solutions Recommender asks you about your current services from Verizon.  This results in an on-screen customized suite of services recommended to you and from there you can pick and choose the services you want!


And don’t forget, if you have questions, you can chat online with a Verizon small business consultant or call us at 1-800-VERIZON to get your questions answered.  So take five minutes with the Small Business Solutions Recommender and you may just find that your customized solution isn’t too far from what you think you need to grow.


Hello Monte-Am a longtime cust. of verizon and thought I should tell you what I had happen to my small business.Your store in Santa Fe NM on zapharrano dr. Ordered nearly $70.00 worth of food from my business and used a credit card to pay over the phone.We confirmed the st. address and zip where the credit card statement is received by the card-holder and sent order out 4|19|10.Now 2 months later I get a letter from my processor saying your store employee or the person he stole the credit card # from had disputed the charge.(Wonder how he got #?-maybe a verizon cust account.)Your store manager didn't seem to care much that a employee had fed your whole staff on me.I have been a cust for at least 10 years and probably more like 15 years.Just wanted to tell you my story and let you know my business will be seeking cellular service with another company because of the way a very serious "company store" issue was handled.Hope the free lunch was worth it.Lets see! I pay $300.00 a month($300.00x12 monthsX lets say 10 years=$36,000.00)Monte-if this {word filter avoidance}had just ordered for himself and spent 12 or 13 bucks you would not be seeing this rant,but i am upset I fed your whole staff and your manager there has not fixed this situation.In my business if I have a problem with a customer I fix it and putting a dishonest employee out of work to save a customers business is a no-brainer.Thanks for taking the time to read this Monte.A verizon cust till March 2010.(end of contract period)


ooops-march 2011

Nickel Contributor

Hi sfnate:


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and for the experience you've had the past couple of months.  This doesn't sound right so I sent this issue to Verizon Wireless to investigate.  Thank you for your patience!




Thanks Monte-sorry I had to go this route.Know your a busy guy ,but have learned in life that going straight to the top is sometimes necessary.If you can access my account,please contact me directly.You can also get me on my blackberry at {edited for privacy} for your help with this issue.sfnate


Monte-Just wanted to thank you for your help.Patty your dist. manager contacted me Monday and took care of my problem.Verizon does really care about the little guy!"Monte",if you are ever in Santa Fe we would love to have you stop by for lunch and be able to thank you in person.Thanks again for your time.Once again a loyal customer for years to come.SFNATE


I know what it doesn't need ... Verizon!   He're a copy of some feedback I sent not too long ago.


Everytime I watch the McDonald's commercial where the guy says something to the effect of ... my me time is when I'm apologizing for something I had nothing to do with ... I think of the 'customer service"(sic) crew at Verizon, because the company you work for is CLUELESS!  My most recent experience has to do with our business email account (one of these days I'll be successful in convincing the boss there is no need to deal with Verizon, unless they diverted some of the funds they use for junk mail, oh, excuse me, direct mail advertising, to putting out a product that wasn't a total joke).  Any how, twice I hit send on a reply to a customer's email and twice I got a message saying Verizon was unable to complete the task.  Only slightly dejected, since I've unfortunately become all to aware of the lack of quality Verizon has the nerve to charge for, I went to the "sent" folder only to find out ... you guessed it ... my reply was sent twice.
On a positive note, thanks for taking my suggestion to increase the number of "senders" I'm able to block on A BUSINESS ACCOUNT, from fifty (I thought I'd spell it out so you wouldn't think I forgot a zero) to 300.  Now if you could only figure out how to let the customer set their own timeout period even though I realize that not timing out a reply is, for Verizon, a HUGE step forward, that would move me from 1.5 suggestions implemented to 2.0.
I still chuckle remembering the time I wanted to change our account password, first, trying to get to the proper page was a real challenge, but when Verizon rejected my new password choice as being too easy to guess, I almost fell off my chair laughing ...
So, should you need any consultants that are able to view the crap you put out from both sides (Verizon & the consumer),  just let me know.
No response is necessary as I'm certain there is nothing short of lots of money that will chage my opinion of Verizon.
Thanks for listening
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