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Opportunities Aplenty to Grow Your Business on WeCommerce

Opportunities Aplenty to Grow Your Business on WeCommerce

Opportunities Aplenty to Grow Your Business on WeCommerce

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎07-26-2012 08:54 AM

This post is by Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.



Have you created your business profile on Verizon’s WeCommerce application on Facebook?


If not, you must as it’s free! We designed WeCommerce, this business application just for you: small business owners so you can grow your business!  It is an open community for small business owners to find, create and make your own opportunities.  Here below are four unique ways:


  • Promote your products and services to other small business owners at no cost to you.  Where else can you promote your business for free these days?


  • Browse products, services and special offers from other small business owners. For instance, make a list of the things you buy for your company on a weekly or monthly basis. Search by category to find all the items on your list from other WeCommerce members then strike a deal that works for both of you.


  • Network on this free platform to find the solution(s) that’s right for your business. Make contacts in the fields or industries you want. Then share ideas, partnering opportunities, and more!


  • Create an opportunity!  For instance a graphic designer is searching to work with an event planner, but your business needs a website…why not reach out anyway and determine how you two can work together to have a mutually beneficial outcome?


This free platform is really how you make of it. You can update your profile or business offerings as often as you like. Unlike some other sites, you can join Verizon’s WeCommerce at no cost to you.


Whether you’ve been on WeCommerce since it launched or you’re just now looking for a way to give your business a boost, we’ve got some exciting new additions to share with you.


WeCommerce profile.pngWe have enabled functionality that allows you to import your small business ratings from and you can proudly display them on your WeCommerce profile!  The ratings will help validate your business as you strike up opportunities on with other small businesses.


In addition, you can now invite business associates and vendors to join WeCommerce. In fact, you can invite the entire Chamber of Commerce in your hometown. This is a neat feature because the more businesses in WeCommerce means you have more opportunities to consider.  Perhaps you just don’t tell your competitors about this site and how you are able to save money and/or grow your business


Feedback from members fuels enhancements to WeCommerce. We encourage you to take our survey. We want your input and feel free to share it below (in comments) or email us at


Like many of our other value-added services in support of America’s small business owners, you do not need to be a Verizon customer to join WeCommerce. We wish we could count you as one of ours, but we also know that some of our products, like voice and broadband, are not available to small business owners in all parts of the country. Just know that WeCommerce is another example of our commitment to helping entrepreneurs, like you, to grow your business and achieve your dreams


So quit worrying about your cash flow; and start using your resource-rich business to find opportunities that is right for your business on WeCommerce.


So get started and create your profile today if you haven’t already at and if you did, be sure to check in often to find new opportunities or be creative and come up with one that is just right for you and other small business.


Again, you feedback is valuable so if you have been on this site, please share your experience with us.


Thank you!

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