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Radiologist Does Business From Home

Radiologist Does Business From Home

Radiologist Does Business From Home

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎03-08-2010 12:02 PM

Radiologist_Brick.JPGFor more than 20 years, radiologists (medical specialists who interpret X-Rays, sonograms, CT scans, MRIs and similar medical imaging) have been at the forefront of using virtual medicine. Today, the specialty is represented by organizations that employ scores of radiologists across the country to consult with physicians and hospitals 24/7.


Dr. Steven Brick of Potomac, Md., has worked out of his home for the past 3 years for Virtual Radiologic, a 24/7/365 national radiology practice of 140 affiliated radiologists with a broad range of subspecialties. Before that, he worked in a traditional hospital and office-based practice. But now, his practice has been made virtually perfect with the benefit of fast FiOS speeds to his home office.


“It’s fast and amazingly reliable,” says Brick. “I began working with images coming over phone lines 20 years ago, when it would take 15 minutes to download a single image. Today, I can receive 1,000 images in a few minutes.”


Brick is required to have a backup broadband connection as part of his contract, but he sees it almost as superfluous given the ease of using FiOS. In fact, he recently converted the Wi-Fi network in his house to FiOS and had the FiOS tech support team walk him through that. “They were very helpful in helping me get set up, and now we’ve got a great Wi-Fi network in the house.”


Dr. Brick is just one more example of how workers – even doctors – are now based at home. For most of us, that means we need a fast, efficient, robust bandwidth connection we can count on. And that's exactly what FiOS offers – you can bet your life on it!

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