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Small Business Weekly Roundup of Insightful Articles

Small Business Weekly Roundup of Insightful Articles
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-29-2010 09:19 AM

Happy Friday, readers!  Where I’m at the leaves are a vibrant color of yellows, oranges and browns – it’s beautiful.  It’s almost November and I feel the rest of the year is fast approaching full-force and it got me thinking about what I’ve accomplished this year and what else I can do to “up” my game.  Immediately, I thought about small businesses and what opportunities or changes can you make to give your business a little boost before the year ends?


I know, change is tough, it means you have to do a little more work to bring about the change, but change can be good… change might even save your business.  Take for example, my dad.  He is quite resistant to change and I feel it’s because of his resistance to making changes that eventually forced him to sell his restaurant business. 


Sure, he offered different – new – dishes some nights, but he needed to do more.  I recall one time I suggested that he raise his prices and we didn’t speak for days.  I know he felt his customers were like family and he didn’t have the heart to raise prices, but his prices weren’t keeping up with inflation.  


This article speaks directly to that and looks at some small businesses that have raised their prices and are seeing positive results.  In many of our previous blogs we offer many ideas – mostly dealing with getting your business online (if it isn’t already) and how to engage and interact with your customers and potential customers via the various social media tools.  Check out this article by John Jantsch on how to create a social media conversion system.   And while you are reading away, here are some tips on how to prepare your small business site for SEO.


Have a spooktacular weekend!


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