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Small Businesses Love Their Internet

Small Businesses Love Their Internet

Small Businesses Love Their Internet

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎09-16-2014 03:03 PM

A recent survey of small business owners in Philadelphia conducted by Verizon and Small Business Trends confirmed how essential broadband is for their operations. Nearly 9 of 10 small business owners identified high-speed Internet as essential for their operations. And 72 percent identified the loss of high-speed Internet as their biggest tech concern.


Here are some other key insights from the survey:


Philly Small Biz survey - VZ Infographic.jpg


I might like my internet if Verizon would ever finally increase our DSL speed to 5 mbps which I ordered on 4/6/15.  Today is 4/21/15 and Verizon has stolen several hours of my time in follow up calls asking for a status.  I even had a manager in Pittsburgh handling the increase in speed until she lost interest in returning my calls.


My problems started when I called Verizon on late March to ask about increased DSL speed pricing and to cancel our primary line.  I made no commitments other than cancelling the one line but for some reason the person who helpded me set us up with multiple new lines and a new account number.  After a couple frustrating calls to Verizon made worse by the fact that I didn't know my account number becasue the woman I spoke with in late March changed us to a new account number, I finally reached a manager in Pittsbugh who seemed so genuine and committed to fixing out bizarre new colleciton of lines and committed to increasing our DSL to 5 mbps.  That was April 6.


Since April 6, I have called Verizon multiple time but each time find there seems to be some issue with increasing the speed but each time some earnest person promises it will be done soon.  Today, I had an off shore tech 'look into things' over a 37 minute call and then transfer me to billing but the line went dead.


Can you pelase tell me who will actually fix this for me?  I can't call the manager from Pittsbugh who gave me her direct line because she stopped returning my calls.  




I have the same issues as the user who posted the coment above.  My internet speed is very slow and I can never get it to register above 3mbs even during non-peak hours.  Keep in mind, i initially signed up for 5mbps plus!  


I have been a verizon small business customer for quite some time and I've never really had an issue with anything like this.  My website is setup to help comsumers find online small business loans but I'm really not able to do much until this get's fixed.  



Is there anyone I can speak with in order to get this resolved?

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