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Small Businesses, You’ve Got the Advantage Now!

Small Businesses, You’ve Got the Advantage Now!

Small Businesses, You’ve Got the Advantage Now!

Nickel Contributor ‎12-22-2010 11:39 AM

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It’s a satisfying feeling to know your business has an edge over your competitors.  Today, Verizon offers the fastest Internet speeds to small and some medium-sized businesses in 12 states and D.C.  Specifically, I’m talking about FiOS Internet for Business speeds of up to 150/35 megabits per second.


So how fast is that?  To download a 5 GB file (about the size of a 2 hour HD DVD) it’ll take 4.4 minutes.   And you can upload 3 GB file (about the size of a one-hour HD video) in 6.2 minutes.  That’s super fast and many businesses today need the speed… graphic design shops; medical centers; architecture firms; real estate agencies and so many other businesses.


Speed is king so email those super large files and perhaps cut those shipping costs.  Only Verizon’s all-fiber-optic can deliver such fast speeds and at highly competitive prices (for best prices order online).  For the first time large companies/enterprises will be envious of small- and medium-sized businesses that subscribe to Verizon FiOS Internet for Business.


The best advantage of getting any service from Verizon is the 24/7 tech support – we’re like your virtual ‘CIO’.  Don’t forget Verizon’s broadband service comes with security to help protect your computer from spam, viruses, and malware.  Additionally, Verizon’s broadband customers have mobility – the ability to pick up our Wi-Fi network (for free) and be connected while on the go.  This is huge, as many of our competitors don’t offer the ability to connect while you are on the go and we know that to be competitive, it’s important to be nimble, quick and connected.


Let me know if your business can use such ultra fast Internet speeds.




Ted Krueger
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verizon is not a very small buisness friendly company.

i have been emailing due to a verizon tech savataging my internet small buisness with electric transformers tied into my phone wires as a favor to a friend-i am now out of buisness.hungry and close to homeless due to this tech who did this on the job and verizon tells me now its not a security issue for them and offer zero help.

thats right says verizon i'm on my own.


any of you could find yourself in this position any day-and now you will know the response verizon will giv you.

anyone a lawer that can help me ?

{edited for privacy}

Employee Emeritus

Hi Ted,


I've send your email address to Verizon's customer service support who will be in touch with you soon to help you with your issue.


Thanks for your patience!



Platinum Contributor III

While I am not on FIOS, I have a question.


When will this new speed be for Residential FIOS users?


Please think about the question and answer it.



Employee Emeritus

FiOS Internet at speeds of up to 150/35 Mbps is already available to consumers.  Actually, consumers got it first, about a month earlier.  Check out this news release for more information:


Go to this link to check the availability of FiOS in your area:


This link takes you to the consumer page to subscribe to FiOS Internet at 150/35:


For small businesses, this link takes you to the page to subscribe to FiOS Internet at 150/35:

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