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Take Action Today: Get $25 AMEX Gift Card to Shop at a Local Business

Take Action Today: Get $25 AMEX Gift Card to Shop at a Local Business

Take Action Today: Get $25 AMEX Gift Card to Shop at a Local Business

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-11-2011 08:27 AM

Verizon AMEX SBS_CorpPartner_160x600 proudly support narrow.jpgSmall Businesses Here’s Your Chance to Support One Another Again



Last year we supported American Express’ national movement called Small Business Saturday SM, urging the public to support the local businesses that help to create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country. 


Verizon is proud to join in again as a leading provider of products and services to businesses of all sizes.


Verizon already supports small businesses through the Verizon Small Business Center, a best in class one-stop portal offering free resources like our free webinars, news and tips to help any small and mid-sized business (SMB) grow their business by utilizing new tools to engage customers and potential customers.


As the holiday shopping season commences, Verizon joins the Small Business Saturday movement to urge small businesses to support one another and to shop at a local business in their neighborhood. To further support Small Business Saturday, Verizon will give a $25 American Express gift cards to the first 600 small businesses that take action. 


It’s simple, share a marketing tip with us and the other SMBs that view our Verizon Small Biz Blog and tell us how you will market your business on November 26 – Small Business Saturday – or throughout the holiday shopping season.  Go to to find marketing resources you can use to help get you started.


Just click here ( to complete the form. 


Be sure to complete the form and include your full address (so we can mail you the $25 Amex gift card), your business’ website (if you have one and if you don’t… please read this blog post) and lastly tell us which small business you’ll shop at with your gift card.


This is a great opportunity to do your small part to help another small business.

 Shop Small.png

This $25 Amex Card Giveaway is open to U.S.-based small businesses only.  The first 600 small business owners who completes the qualifying form (click here or go to with all of the information requested on the Verizon Small Biz Blog on or before November 30, 2011 will receive a $25 American Express gift card.  Limit one gift card per business, address and/or email address.  The gift card will be mailed within 8-12 weeks.  Verizon employees, contractors, directors and officers are not eligible.


So go on, take action.  Do your part to help another small business.  And be sure to tell your friends or family – non-business owners – to check out this post on the Verizon AtHome Blog for their chance to get a $25 American Express gift card.


To support Small Business Saturday, Verizon is also giving away a $500 Amex Gift Card to 100 lucky winners who enter on our Small Business Facebook pageIn total, with the help from American Express, Verizon will be giving away $90,000 in Amex gift cards in various denominations to encourage our customers and business owners to support their local businesses.


We urge you to take the time to spread the word that you will be shopping at a local business and encourage others to shop at a local business too.


Thank you and happy shopping!




My business tip is to start small. Work out of your home and save money. Only buy what you need. When the time is right, you can get office space and hire others.  Until then, do as much as you can yourself.


For Marketing, you Facebook and Twitter to build up your audience so they can provide word of mouth marketing for you to their friends and family


I have operated my photography studio, FOCUS STUDIO, for 26 years now in downtown Imlay City, MI. The biggest tip I have learned is to make your customers feel special and appreciated. That is something that you can easily do by working to remember their names. With everyone being on social media nowadays, you can even post comments on their posts and post things for them like when a customer is in the paper. Those are things that the big box stores can't usually do so you will be remembered by your customers.


Run a business that does not involve a lot of inventory or overhead and then you will have more cash to work with. 


Visibility and credibility are the keys to promoting your business. Visibility doesn't mean a full page newspaper ad, it means face to face time with your current clients and prospective clients. Find out what problems they have and do your best to solve them. Credibility means under-promising and over-delivering. Do that and word-of-mouth marketing takes you to new heights.

Networking is the most important tool. Networking helps you get referrals and talk with other small business professionals.
The tips above are all great and the posters should be commended. I have operated a technology & technology marketing firm, AXON INFOSYSTEMS, INC, for 15 years now in Los Angeles County. One big tip is to watch your cash flow. Not minding cash flow is one of the most common reasons businesses fail. Make sure you have enough cash to cover your expenses. Ensure you budget sufficient capital for your projects. For example, it's too common that people spend money on a website only to get no traffic. Traditional advertising may be too costly for many small businesses. Fortunately, internet advertising, including SEM and/or SEO, can be a more affordable way to drive traffic to your web site. Ensure your web site is designed to facilitate SEO rather than impede it and budget dollars for internet marketing. Lack the capital to spend on a fancy web site and internet marketing? Create a simple website that can be easily optimized for search (such as and spend on internet marketing instead of a fancy website no one sees. Don't have capital to invest? See if you qualify for an Small Business Administration loan. Lastly, if you're not sure about something make sure you seek the advice of an expert. A few well placed dollars with a qualified attorney, CPA and/or consultant can save you far more money down the road.

I truly believe that Social Media has a HUGE impact! The company I work for recently started using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn and it has increased our customer base and provided us with another avenue to reach new customers! 


I completely believe in social media-you always need to be creating a buzz about your business.  The more your business is seen on facebook, twitter, linkdin or whatever sites  you use the better you will do.  You need to keep reminding your customers you have great products and services.  Also, promote, promote, promote-try to come up with great offers or sales that won't break  your budget.   

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