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Verizon Small Business Center (Website) Ranked #1

Verizon Small Business Center (Website) Ranked #1

Verizon Small Business Center (Website) Ranked #1

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎12-30-2011 09:13 AM

Guest post from Marcia O’Toole, manager of the Verizon Small Business Center.



96067134.jpgIn a recent analysis conducted by Compass Intelligence in 3Q 2011 Verizon once again ranked highest among leading small business portals.  This is the fourth consecutive quarter where the Verizon Small Business Center was judged to offer the best online experience for small business owners.


For more information on this report click here (or go tohttp://bit.ly/sYNmWM).  Strengths of the Verizon Small Business Center cited were its “elegant, consistent design; engaging content; self-learn training; and business-specific news.” 


The report continued with, “a user is spoilt with choice.”  Additionally, the report praised Verizon for its special offers prominently displayed on the main page, clearly noting top features and prices.  The comparison charts and the solution finder features were also praised.  With regard to support, Verizon was one of the most capable, offering a number of options to small business customers – including self-serve knowledge base, user tutorials and click to chat options.


VZSBC.pngForty-nine (49) top sites were evaluated on more than 20 portal capabilities and ranked on their ability to provide a relevant online experience to small business decision-makers.  The analysis considered online learning, site design and messaging, as well as ecommerce capabilities, among other attributes. All portals had to tailor specifically to decision-makers in small businesses (<100 employees) to be considered for this ranking.  The ratings and rankings were based on Compass Intelligence’s monthly research on small business decision-makers.


Have you been to the Verizon Small Business Center?  If not recently, check out this recent post and learn about our community that will allow you (Verizon customers and non-customers) to network.


If you are a frequent visitor to the Verizon Small Business Center please click here(and click on “Site Feedback”) to complete an online survey and give us your feedback – it’s the only way, we’ll improve and make the experience even better for you.  Of course, feel free leave your comments below. 


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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