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Verizon's Small Biz Customer: Cafe Zona Sur

Verizon's Small Biz Customer: Cafe Zona Sur

Verizon's Small Biz Customer: Cafe Zona Sur

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎05-15-2014 11:02 AM
I recently visited one of Verizon’s small business customers, and it was a great experience. Jose Luis Hernandez and his wife Maria Medina operate Café Zona Sur, a restaurant in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn that’s focused on a fusion of fresh, simple and delicious food. 

As co-owner and head chef, Luis shared that the dishes they serve represent their journey with food. And Verizon’s reliable voice and broadband services are helping Luis and Maria on their journey.

Luis came to the U.S. from Mexico as a teenager and started working in a restaurant, chopping vegetables and making salads. Over the years, Luis took on more responsibilities as his passion for food grew and he realized cooking is an art. He worked in many restaurants during this time– including some very well-known, four-star establishments. Eventually Luis became a sous-chef, overseeing a couple of dozen of chefs, and he gained experience in preparing many different types of cuisines. 

Sitting across from me at his café, Luis admitted that– working in so many kitchens for the last two decades – he never thought he could open a restaurant. Luis also shared insights on how he got his business started, so check back soon to read his guest post.

Luis is thankful business at his café has been really good. He credits social media for helping to get his business some buzz, and he uses his fast, reliable Verizon Internet connection to respond to his customers and quickly post specials on Facebook and Twitter. Luis said he didn’t want to have to worry about the connection and phone, so he selected Verizon.
And, with Verizon’s services, Luis is ready to grow his business. If you would like to share how Verizon is helping your business, connect with us on Facebook.


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