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Week #2 of Share Your Small Business Story For a Chance to Win $$$

Week #2 of Share Your Small Business Story For a Chance to Win $$$

Welcome to week 2 of our 5 week “Tell us your Small Business Story” campaign….. For the next 4 weeks share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express. 


 Every week during this campaign we’ll have a different topic.


For this week we want to hear What is your favorite business app and why?


In the day of modern technology, apps are a way a life for many if not everyone who owns any type of mobile device i.e. smartphone/tablet/laptop.  With the convenience of mobile apps we are more productive, with apps that you can download and share important documents to banking to video conferencing to taking mobile payments plus many more…. Also many people find themselves addictive to their favorite past time; playing their favorite game on their mobile devices.  I have often found myself while waiting at the doctor’s office or on the train commuting to the city, playing one or two games and even getting the latest update on my favorite football teams on my Smartphone. 

I am often reminded of a commercial that ran a year or two ago… “There Is An App for That”!  Whatever you wanted to accomplish on your mobile device there is an app for that…..   According to an article I found on the Business Insider, based on their survey, they have comprised a list (by category) of the 100 best ap...














However, finding the app if you do not know the name, can be a challenge within itself, in regards to your small business.  Most small business owners try and sift through the plethora of consumer apps when looking for an app for their small business.   Just about all app stores have a drop down list and there you may find a “Business” category.   But what happens if you still can’t locate the business app you are looking for to assist you in taking your business to the next level?  Verizon Wireless has a cool self serve web based tool called the Small Business AdvisorThis tool is designed to help you locate mobile business apps that fit your specific business need.


Now in 250 words or less share how mobile technology has changed your business.  Click on the link below to enter your story.  Thank you in advance for sharing your story and good luck!  One entry per week and you can only win one time during the 5 week series.  Winners will be notified by email.


“Tell us What is Your Most Used Business App and Why”?


Click here to enter your story 


Also find the complete program details/terms & conditions included within this link.


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