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Weekly Roundup: It’s All About the Steps You Take to Grow Your Small Business

Weekly Roundup: It’s All About the Steps You Take to Grow Your Small Business

VZ small_biz_info ICON.pngMonday closed out the final day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. After a solid month of posting blogs and tweets about methods to improve your security online, we feel you should have a better understanding of steps to become more vigilant.  While we heavily focused on security last month, it should be top of mind every day.  If you missed it check out the short Security Matters video we shared earlier (click here for the one about knowing your visitors or click here for the one about passwords).  Security is everyone's responsibility.


Speaking of security this recent article speaks about how you can prevent data breach.  This article gives speaks about cyberthreats targetign SMBs.


The blogosphere this week was awash with tasty nuggets of small business methodology you can use to improve profits, prepare for the future and even reinvent your own company:



Have a great weekend!



Today’s Weekly Roundup was contributed by Ryan Morris, Social Media Manager to Verizon.

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