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Weekly Roundup – ‘Mompreneurs’ Win $5000, Data Breaches Are Avoidable and More

Weekly Roundup – ‘Mompreneurs’ Win $5000, Data Breaches Are Avoidable and More

VZ small_biz_info ICON.pngIt’s been a busy week for the Verizon Small Business team.  If you are a regular reader of this blog or if you follow us on Twitter or is a fan of the Verizon Small Biz page on Facebook, then you knew about these activities:


For more information go to www.facebook.com/verizonsmallbiz and click on the ‘Small Biz Mom’ link on the left of the page.


  • We held our first live Twitter chat with our featured author, Alan Gregerman.  He offered many tips on how a business can give their customers the best experience.  To read the tips Alan offered during the live Twitter chat click here.


  • We also hosted another free webinar with Alan Gregerman who provided some many tips from his book Surrounded by Geniuses.  The replay is already up, click here to watch it.


NOTE: Next Wednesday’s (May 4th at 2 p.m. EST) our free webinar features Scott Belsky founder of Behance will offer tips to build up and engage with your customers.  To register for this free webinar click here.


  • Reminder: Businesses in the real estate industry can enroll in Verizon’s referral program where agents and brokers can earn $100 gift card.


Below you’ll find some interesting articles I found that you may want to read:


It may be an extra expense for small businesses to offer a wellness program for employees, but it looks like it pays off as it’ll lower health insurance costs and boost workplace productivity.  To read the full article from the Wall Street Journal click here.


Here from John Jantsch, a regular guest on the free webinars presented by the Verizon Small Business Center, five reasons why effective marketing makes your business more valuable.


This should be a good read for every small business – real life lessons in the delicate art of setting prices.


Lastly, the majority of data breaches are avoidable. Is your company’s data protected?  I say this as I’m reading an article on attackers attempted to wire more than $20 million stolen from SMB accounts to China over the past year and managed to successfully transfer $11 million, according to the FBI.


To get some more details on how your company can avoid data breaches and insights into the recently launched 2011 Data Breach Investigation Report join this free webinar next Thursday (May 5 at 11:15 p.m. EST) hosted by Wade Baker, Verizon’s director of risk intelligence and Bryan Sartin, Verizon’s director of investigative response.


Have a great weekend!



Fast-paced and exciting...that is the story of my life. As a mother, caregiver, and business owner - as well as a full-time employee at a thriving architectural business in my home town, I seldom find time to stop...or even to slow down. But, that is how I like it. After all, I am doing what makes me happy and following my dream. The mothering goes without saying and the caretaking is a labor of love.

I began my home-based business, Sunchaser Fine Art and Photography, in 2007. Sunchaser is my true passion. My dream is to be able to generate enough interest in my artwork to see it blossom into a full-time career. I started the venture, building on over 20 years of experience in photography and graphic arts and fueled it with a love of the world around me. My goal is to show my vision to others, through my camera lens and through the opportunities that new technology provides to enhance and market my photography.

I have discovered that exposure is vital to success in the art world. I started slowly by posting my artwork on online photo and art communities and at the same time looking for opportunities to display my work locally in area galleries, I have found an audience and growing recognition. Several of my pieces have recently been chosen for juried art competitions and awards. Recently, I was invited to join a local group of artists that gives me more exposure in the community.

My company website and Facebook page was launched this year in order to make it easier for potential customers to locate my work. My Verizon phone assures that I don’t miss any calls during my busy days and I hope to upgrade it in the near future to include both Internet and email capabilities.

I love what I do with my business with a passion. I dreamed it...I launched it...and now I am going to live it.


Jeanne Apelseth



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