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Weekly Roundup - Tips from Lady Gaga, E-commerce in 2012, Building Authority and more

Weekly Roundup - Tips from Lady Gaga, E-commerce in 2012, Building Authority and more

VZ small_biz_info ICON.pngI hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Check out these articles that caught our attention with a focus on prepping for 2012.   Read this article for some expert advice on how to prepare for 2012… with a focus on e-commerce.


Has your company finalized your business plans for 2012?  Did you consider a strong communications plan in it?  Read this article to learn why this is a critical factor you should consider.


Are you looking for a little inspiration on running your business?  Have you asked yourself what would Lady Gaga do?  Read this great article for some not so foolish tips you might learn from the pop star.


Here’s an infographics on building authority for your website… it involves writing – having good content; so, here’s some tips for writing magnetic headlines


Lastly, if you haven’t done so, do share a marketing tip with us to get a $25 Amex gift card which we hope you’ll use at another local business.  Click here for more information.


Happy reading and act fast to get that gift card, while supplies last!


Today’s roundup was compiled with the help with Maureen Burch, product strategy manager for Verizon.



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