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Weekly Roundup – Tips to Cut Cost, Earn Commission and Seem Bigger

Weekly Roundup – Tips to Cut Cost, Earn Commission and Seem Bigger


If you are a Small Business Owner you know in today’s economy it’s more important than ever to find ways to cut cost and manage your expenses.


One way you can accomplish both and also help increase employee productivity and retention is by allowing your employees to telecommute even if it’s only one day a week. With gas prices soaring, not only will your employees save money in fuel costs, but you can save money too and benefit from happier employees who are not stressed out from a long commute when they arrive at the office.


Parents who are returning to the workforce and looking for jobs that are family-friendly may also be looking for opportunities to telecommute, especially if they are hesitant to return to work because of separation anxiety or childcare concerns.  If you run a business in a field that is listed in the 100 Best Jobs for Moms list, you may want to give some thought to hiring a parent and offering a part-time work from home arrangement.


If this works for your business, here’s an opportunity to earn commissions from Best Buy.


Lastly, if you are a Small Business Owner or a parent who is working from home, it can present a challenge if you don’t have the right workspace set up. Many single office and home office owners need to find ways to work more efficiently and to position their company as being larger than it actually is.


With a little creativity and flexibility you can find ways to cut costs, earn commissions and position your company as being bigger than it is to better compete for more business. 


Share below how you cut costs or keep your employees happy and productive at work.


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