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What Can TV Do For Your Business?

What Can TV Do For Your Business?
Monte_Beck ‎02-17-2010 02:48 PM

When you think about business, you might not think TV - unless you are visiting your favorite bar or restaurant.  But TV can play an important role in any business to attract customers, keep them entertained (while waiting for service) and even to help employees be informed as they go about their daily routine. 


More and more, TV has become an expected convenience whether you're walking through the lobby of a building, waiting to see your physician or working in an office.  People don't necessarily want to watch TV 24/7 but they like to have access to it wherever they happen to be.


With TV service, you can quickly and easily turn on the news to follow breaking news; check sports scores and the weather forecast.  For businesses with customer waiting rooms, television service enlivens the atmosphere, entertains customers and can reduce perceived waiting times, which can help improve customer satisfaction.  For bars and restaurants, the quality and variety of television programming can help you keep your regular customers as well as bring in new customers.  


Verizon offers businesses two different TV options as part of bundled packages of voice and data services.  TV can also be purchased as a standalone service.  No matter the plan that's chosen, Verizon offers the programming package that suits your business' viewing needs.   


In 2008 Verizon launched FiOS TV for Business which has taken off for businesses as it has for consumers - people love its crystal clear picture and the interactive viewing experience like the sports, traffic and news Widgets. Verizon is constantly working to bring our customers more and today we announce the ability to access HBO GO, this means no matter where you go in the U.S. as long as you have a broadband connection you can access HBO content. In addition, Verizon also offers award-winning DIRECTV for Business.


The best thing about a clear TV picture, and a company your customers can count on is that you've got the full package for your customers to keep them coming back again and again!


Tell me how you are using TV in your business?  I'd love to hear any unique ways you are using TV for work or to entertain your customers.


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