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Why Reliability Matters to Your Business More Than Ever

Why Reliability Matters to Your Business More Than Ever

Why Reliability Matters to Your Business More Than Ever

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The following post is from Mary Yarbrough, Verizon's vice president of mass business marketing:


Why do we choose some businesses over others? For me, it’s all about reliability. Will the auto dealer have my car ready when he said he would? Will the local baker get my daughter’s birthday cake right?


Reliable communications services are critical to small businesses. A recent Verizon/Small Business Trends survey of small businesses in Philadelphia found that 89 percent identified high-speed Internet as essential to their operations, and two-thirds of respondents identified landline phone service.


Verizon gets that, and our customers seem to agree.


 J.D. Power: Verizon Ranked Highest in Very Small Business Wireline Customer Satisfaction


I’m proud to note that Verizon is ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Very Small Business Wireline Service” in the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Business Wireline Satisfaction Studysm. Small businesses – those with 19 or fewer employees – represent our entire mass business market. Verizon was ranked highest for overall satisfaction, which includes the following factors: performance and reliability, customer service, communications, sales reps, cost of service and billing.


And we are working hard to get even better. Our voice and Internet services for small businesses have 99.9 percent network reliability. Our goal is to ensure that our valued customers are “business ready” to serve their own clients and customers. Over the past couple of years, we’ve invested in network, IT and operations process improvements. We have redoubled our focus on customer service fundamentals, and we’re putting technology to work for us to help improve our small business customers’ experience. For example:


  • Our new FiOS customers say they appreciate that we’re visiting their businesses prior to the installation date. With these visits, installs become easier because we can ensure that we’re ready for the customer, and the customer is ready for us.
  • Our technicians are equipped with rugged tablets that enable them to do their jobs more efficiently, whether they’re at their work center, in their vehicle or at the customer’s site.
  • We’re offering to repair small businesses’ voice and Internet services the same day or the following day.
  • We’re providing customers with a written price quote of the services they order and a purchase summary that shows the first and subsequent bills, so they know what to expect each month.
  • Small business customers can take advantage of a generous loyalty rewards program, exclusive discounts and a number of free resources.


Our reliable, advanced networks enable us to meet our customers’ evolving needs. For instance, we recently started to upgrade upload speeds for our consumer FiOS Internet customers to match their download speeds. Many of our small business FiOS Internet customers already have these equal upload/download speeds, and we’ll begin rolling out this SpeedMatch feature for remaining FiOS Internet for Small Business customers shortly.


Our goal is to be a reliable partner, and we’ll continue to innovate to help small businesses succeed and grow.


Verizon received the highest numerical score among very small business wireline providers in the proprietary J.D. Power 2014 Business Wireline Satisfaction StudySM.  Study based on responses from 4,220 business wireline customers measuring 9 providers and measures satisfaction among wireline service decision-makers with very small businesses.  Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in April-June 2014. Your experiences may vary.  Visit jdpower.com



High Speed Internet is essential to a small business. 

I am a freelance blogger working from home. Verizon consistently dropped service on their DSL lines and had difficulty troubleshooting the issue.


With my most recent move to Canada I now use Novus. A hundred times faster in speed. I kept my Verizon e-mail and am so disappointed when it stopped working.


Tech Support at Verizon was sooooooo unreliable. They used screen assist to then delete over 30,000 archived e-mails.


Those e-mails were my life line. My business. A record of activity. Done so carelessly by an incompetent tech rep. who refused to assume fault and kept deflecting even though the transcript of our interaction clearly does not support their claim that I approved their action.


So as far as Verizon supporting small business, I feel quite the opposite. Verizon has been terrible at supporting small business and has given me the runaround at every turn.


If and when I have a choice to resume business activities in the U.S. --- Verizon will be my last provider choice. And that's sad given, I should have greater loyalty as I'm even a former Bell Atlantic/Verizon employee.


Verizon. You could do so much better and it all comes down to UNreliability and UNFRIENDLY, poor customer service.

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