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Customize or Perish – A Guide To Website Success

by Monte_Beck ‎08-30-2010 06:33 AM - edited ‎08-30-2010 11:08 AM

As was mentioned on Friday, small - and medium-sized businesses need a website and finding a simple, easy affordable solution to create one can be a distracting or daunting task for many. 


We’ve looked at a lot of SMB research and it’s clear to us that the number one challenge for SMB is finding the time to design and the money for an effective website.  We already know that a large percentage of SMBs either don’t have a website or have ‘placeholder’ sites with limited functionality for the business.


No matter what kind of business you’re in – pizza parlor or financial consultant, for example, you need a strong website presence 24/7.


As many small- and medium-sized business owners have learned in recent years, the days of not connecting with your customer base online has quickly disappeared. Sure, many small businesses are getting more and more engaged in social media channels or leveraging cloud-based services. However, one essential tool that can’t be ignored is the business’s website.



Verizon Small Biz Blog Weekly Roundup

by Employee ‎08-27-2010 11:38 AM - edited ‎08-27-2010 12:06 PM

My online friends, where does the time go?  I’ve been trying to post this blog since this morning, but one thing led to another…  Check out below these interesting articles I spotted this week.  Let me know what you think of these weekly roundups and feel free to share a link to an article you found helpful for your business.  Until the next time, happy reading!


Verizon pays close attention to what small businesses want and need – particularly when it comes to packaging voice, Internet, and TV services.  It really is a pretty straightforward world for business – you want simplicity when it comes to buying your services, savings – the best bang for the buck, and flexibility that allows you to adjust to changing conditions.



There's always something happening in the world and the online world has become more of our waking hours which means - as always - that small business needs to be alert to the latest trends and tips for you.  This week, there are a number of good posts included here with one focused on Facebook's announcement of its geo-location option - Facebook Places.  With more than 500 million Facebook users and still growing, this may be one you'll want to take a closer look at for listing your business.



Today we have some thoughts from our marketing intern Jenna Lamb about what businesses can expect when hiring the next generation of workers – passionate, hard-working young people who are ready to work and know how to get the most out of today’s technologies because they are digital natives.


As a soon-to-be college graduate, the thought of having a real job within a few months is both extremely terrifying and really exciting. I’m definitely more than ready to be done writing twenty page book reports, having surprise quizzes, and relocating to the library basement during the finals week at TCU. But, at the same time, it makes me super nervous to think I’ll soon be working with people who have more years’ work experience than I have been alive. Regardless of my reluctance, I’m very excited to graduate and start the next chapter of my life – entering the work world.



Weekly Round-Up of SMB Articles

by Employee ‎08-13-2010 10:30 AM


It’s Friday and it’s lunch time.  If you are like me who eats at her desk most days (I’m trying to break this habit), take a break from doing work.  Perhaps poke around online and even check out one of these articles below that might interest you or give you insights that you can incorporate into running your business better.  If you only have a few minutes definitely read about entrepreneur Theresa Daytner, she shares tips on how she networks with the New York Times (last article); perhaps, you’ll follow her tenacity and find some golden opportunities for your business?  And check out the blog Monte posted below on disaster planning.  There are simple and very affordable solutions for small businesses to backup data and more so if your business isn’t protected from disaster… it is advisable you look into it today.



Disaster Planning - Is Your Business Ready for Friday the 13th?

by Monte_Beck ‎08-12-2010 05:49 PM - edited ‎08-12-2010 05:52 PM

We all know the superstition around Friday the 13th and bad luck – but that’s all it is. . . superstition.  When it comes to the unexpected, there’s a different adage I prefer –  “A stitch in time saves nine.”


In my line of work, I’m constantly thinking about how unforeseen events may impact small business owners. Recent news coverage surrounding floods in Iowa, fires in California, tornadoes across Oklahoma and the impending hurricane season cause me to wonder if small businesses have effectively prepared themselves for potential loss. The fact is a major disaster isn’t always a massive natural occurrence – a break-in, theft of a laptop or loss of a smart phone in a taxi would easily factor into a major disaster for today’s small business owner.


Learn About The Google Tools To Help Run Your Business Better

by Employee on ‎08-10-2010 11:32 AM - last edited on ‎08-13-2010 06:54 AM by Employee Emeritus


Guest blog post from Chris Cameron a technology journalist writing mainly for ReadWriteWeb - a blog about the Web and technology. 


Join me tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST as I host a free webinar presented by the Verizon Small Business Center.  I’ll show small business owners interested in getting a better understanding of the various options made available from Google for managing a business in the "cloud."



Today I want to introduce an intern in our marketing department - Jenna Lamb - who's a senior at Texas Christian University majoring in marketing.  I've asked her to share her thoughts in several posts this month about how college age consumers approach small businesses in their daily lives.  I think you'll find her comments thought-provoking and good insight into how they view technology and social media influencing the way they do business.



Weekly SMB Articles Round-Up

by Employee ‎08-06-2010 09:48 AM


Here are some articles I found this week that I think you may find of interest.  Feel free to leave a comment or suggest an article you’ve read that’ll be of interest to other small businesses.  Happy reading!


Better Way Challenge – Winners Have It All!

by Monte_Beck ‎08-03-2010 11:27 AM - edited ‎08-03-2010 11:32 AM

During the first few months of the year, Verizon and Cisco put forth a challenge to small business owners, asking them to put their best foot forward with video submissions that described the challenges they faced growing their business.  The Better Way Challenge offered the grand prize winner a consultation with renowned technology evangelist and business startup expert Guy Kawasaki.


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