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Send your business back to school

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Send your business back to school

We can all benefit from going back to school

It’s that time of year again when parents are rejoicing, and children are lamenting. That’s right, it’s back-to-school season. We normally associate this with children, as they start their new school year ready to broaden their horizons, but why should we limit ourselves? Why not use the start of the academic year as an opportunity to broaden your own horizons—and those of your business?

Learn and grow

Your kids may not be excited about going back to school, but they should be. Learning new things is one of the most exciting things we can do and leaving school doesn’t mean we need to stop. In fact, now couldn’t be a better time. Whether you choose to brush up on a fresh topic, attend a training course or even head back to school yourself, more knowledge can only ever be a good thing. And your business will see the benefits.

For a more hands-on training experience, try online courses—YouTube hosts a number of free streams you can attend and sites like Lynda are always available and cover virtually every topic you could need to know. But if you only have one free hour a month, consider a more concise learning experience. Webinars are a resource that provide focused, topical information in a shorter format. Verizon offers a monthly, no-cost webinar series. We’ve covered topics from social media marketing to learning how to optimize your business for voice search. Plus, our webinars are available to play back whenever you want—just visit our website

New school year, new you

As children prepare themselves for the academic year ahead, with the purchase of new school supplies, why not do the same for your business? Now we’re not saying you should completely revamp your business (this isn’t an extreme makeover) but it might be a good time to take a step back and consider what is and isn’t working. Think about any outdated technology or processes that could be refreshed, or whether any employees could benefit from new training. The easiest course is to do nothing—particularly if everything seems to be working fine. But there’s always room for improvement—and shaking things up is what leads to innovation.

Kids will be adjusting to their new timetables, with new lessons and topics—should you be taking a look at how you use your own time? Think about how you spend it, both personally and professionally—are there areas you would like to focus on more or is there an end goal you would like to reach? By creating yourself a new timetable you can start to plan the areas you want to focus on and map out your personal and business growth. By taking a moment to really look at your business, you can identify what needs your attention and what doesn’t—and you can dedicate your time constructively. For some inspiration, or just to help get you started, you could join the US Small Business Administration—it’s designed to serve small businesses and is filled with plenty of resources and expert advice to help with any situation.

Make new friends

Schools encourage students to make new friends by splitting up friendship groups into different classes—while we’re not saying you should hire a whole new team, it is important to work with different people. Why? Because other people can offer different perspectives, broaden your mind and help introduce new ideas. If you’re always working with the same people, your perspective can become narrowed and it can be hard to see alternative solutions—but introduce someone new and things can get a lot more interesting. Try speaking to someone from a different department or branch—or if your team is a little smaller, try reaching out to other businesses, partners or suppliers that you would love to learn from, and pick their brain over a coffee. You’d be surprised how many people would love to chat if you just ask.

Networking events can be a great start. Even something as simple as engaging with others on social media can help you meet new people and diversify your network. If you’re not already using it, LinkedIn is a great free resource—it’s the social network of choice for business. You can connect with new people, find new clients and follow industry trends and topics.

Pick up a book

Whether you’re an avid reader or you’ve fallen off the wagon, now is the perfect time to pick up a new book. Learning from others and from training courses is great, but sometimes the simplest pleasure and greatest learning experience comes from the written word. Anything you could possibly want to learn has already been written down somewhere; head to your local library, join a book club or just search the internet for inspiration. Business books and white papers are great for brushing up on a topic and developing new skills, but don’t underestimate the benefits of reading fiction—it has been proven to help you be more open-minded and creative.

And you don’t even have to limit yourself to books—in fact you definitely shouldn’t. The internet has so many resources available, and you’re probably already accessing many of them daily. Connect with publications online or through Twitter to get snippets of information and decide if you want to read more. Resources like these give you up-to-date information and help you stay ahead of industry trends. The business section of the newspaper or business-focused publications are prime resources for helping you understand what is going on beyond your storefront—and many of these can be accessed online. For more focused advice, start following business blogs; sites like Hubspot are a great resource for marketing tips, The Khan Academy has interviews from entrepreneurs to help inspire you, and our own Business Markets Blog offers advice on everything from technology and communication to diversity and marketing.

Oh, the places you’ll go

Don’t wait for the school bell to get started. Start learning something new today. Kids are preparing for their future with every new lesson they attend—it’s time your business did the same. Whether you decide to develop new skills, attend a training course or meet with others to discuss ideas—there are many resources available, so try them and see what works for you.

Don’t become complacent about your personal development; you may have come this far already but expand your knowledge and who knows where you could go in the future.

Back-To-School is Not Just for the Kids

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Back to School.jpg

There are parents rejoicing and children lamenting as we enter the Back-to-School season.  We always think of this season as a time for children.  Kids running for the school bus, entering a new grade, or young adults embarking on their college experience—these are the sights of this time of year.


You may be experiencing some or all of these occurrences in your household, but how are you utilizing this Back-to-School season for yourself and your business? Change the paradigm as to how you think about this time of year.  It is not just for kids.  At the core of this season is the idea of new beginnings and learning information that will take you to the next plateau in life.


Expand Your Knowledge, Extend the Possibilities for your Business.


During the lifecycle of a business, there are constant tweaks when we see something that needs to change, but we often get consumed by the day-to-day grind.  Don’t neglect or be complacent about your personal development.  Continue to expand your knowledge and propel your business forward.  In the mad dash to pick up school supplies for your children, pick yourself up a notebook or start using a notes app to start documenting the areas you want to focus on.  Take an inventory of what could improve within your business and what you personally need to improve upon or gain knowledge about.  Then jump right in and use some of the tools below.


Read a book. 


Create your fall reading list.  Select a reading list that will enrich your life.  There are countless lists of books for entrepreneurs out there.  Learning is a continuous process, so set a goal for yourself to read a book every month or listen to an audiobook biweekly until you complete your list.  Let us help you get started—join Verizon’s Small Biz Rewards Program (it's free) and we’ll give you 1,000 points redeemable for a $10 gift card that you can use toward your first book*. Use this link today:  


Don’t Operate in a Silo.


Keep up with industry trends and business trends locally and globally.  The business section of the newspaper or business-focused publications are prime resources for you to understand what is going on beyond your storefront and how it may impact you.  Connect with important publications online or through Twitter to get snippets of information and decide if you want to read more.  Verizon is also here to help; we share information of interest to small business owners on a regular basis through Facebook. Like our page and follow us @VerizonSmallBiz on Facebook and you will be pleasantly surprised by all the helpful information that is provided there.


Attend Training.


Bring the classroom directly to your laptop or wherever you are.  Did you always want to take a course at a big name university? Well it is never too late. Several major universities offer free classes in a variety of disciplines that will take your learning to the next level. For instance, MIT’s OpenCourseWare shares higher education with the world.  Also, the Small Business Administration offers workshops on an array of business topics.


If you only have one free hour a month, consider a more succinct learning experience.  Webinars are a perfect alternative that provide focused, topical information in a shorter format. Verizon offers a monthly, no-cost webinar series.  To learn more about Verizon’s webinars, go to


Learn from others.  Share with Others.


Don’t discount the knowledge of others.  Do you know other business owners that have done things you’d like to do?  Ask them if you could set up some time on their calendar to chat.  Attend networking events and meet new people who can offer advice and valuable insights.  Sometimes these events are also a great way to meet future clients or partners.


Learning is a two-way street.  Although you may not think you have much to share, don’t diminish what you have to offer.  Starting a business is a journey, and every journey has unique experience that someone can learn from.


This time of year is a launch pad to expanding your knowledge.  There are so many resources available, so try them and see what works for you.  What resources will you use during this Back-to-School season to expand your knowledge?




*For new Small Biz Rewards Members who join via post between 9/1/16 and 11/30/16. Terms Apply.

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