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Innovation -- Unlocking the Genius in Yourself and Your Business

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎04-14-2011 08:41 AM

Alan Gregerman Photo.jpgGuest blog post by author Alan Gregerman who wrote Surrounded by Geniuses, he has been helping companies and organizations unlock the genius that exists in all of their employees.



Greetings!  If you're like most businesses you realize that innovation is essential to your success.  Customers want to do business with companies that consistently bring them the most valuable products, services, and solutions.  And that means always thinking about how to improve your current offerings and, over time, create new offerings that do an even better job of helping those you serve to achieve their objectives.  It also means developing new ways to meet the needs of customers – by being more responsive, convenient, flexible, available, and easy to do business with.  And also by making customers smarter so they can gain greater value from what we offer and their relationship with us.  


But as small and medium-sized businesses, we often face challenges in making this picture come true.  First, because it's tough to find the time to be more creative and innovative; and second, because we often get bogged down in the press of our day to day responsibilities and unable to stretch our thinking in order to get "out-of-the-box."  And that's why I've designed today's webinar on innovation.  As a quick way to help you see that it's easier to be innovative than you think.  By putting in place a simple process for innovating consistently and then unlocking your innate curiosity in order to find ideas for delivering greater value and setting your company apart from the pack.  I'll begin by explaining why most companies have trouble innovating and what you can do about it.  Then I'll teach you some easy and powerful techniques for regaining your creative edge.  And I'll also show you how to find remarkable ideas in the world around you that can be used to transform your business, including two of my favorite ideas for dramatically increasing your value to customers.  Then, I'll share seven simple steps for greater innovation and business success.  Steps you can think through and implement as soon as the webinar is over to help your company reach its full potential.  


So please join me today, April 14th, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time for "Innovation -- Unlocking the Genius in Yourself and Your Business."  To register for the free live webinar click here or visit


PS, if you can’t make the live webinar, watch the replay it will be taped and archived – just view it later.  And follow @VZSmallBiz on Twitter or check out Verizon Small Biz on Facebook to win a copy of my latest book titled "Surrounded by Geniuses" which offers even more ideas for unlocking the brilliance in yourself, your colleagues, and your company.





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