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Is your business ready for Small Business Saturday?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-16-2018 07:08 AM

Is your business ready for Small Business Saturday?


Small businesses are a big part of America; they employ 48% of the private workforce and make up 99.7% of all businesses[1]. That’s why we’re passionate about events that support and celebrate small businesses. The upcoming Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to raise your business profile with local shoppers and members of your community. We spoke to two small business owners—who have been participating for over four years—to find out what the annual event means to their business.


Better publicity for local businesses


Louis Ditcher, owner of Louis Neil Watchmakers in Philadelphia, PA, participates in Small Business Saturday by offering customers special offers and discounts. He thinks it’s a great event for businesses and would encourage everyone to participate. “It doesn’t take me a lot of time—American Express sends me the free materials to use so there’s really no reason not to do it.” Plus, the free publicity helps raise the profile of his business, so if customers need their services in the future they know where to look. Louis adds, “If one person sees it and comes in that wouldn’t have come in for any other reason, then it’s already a bonus.”

And Tanya Sucic, owner of Cherry Lane Flower Shop in Southampton, PA, agrees. “It’s definitely something small businesses need to be involved in, and it’s so easy to participate.” Tanya’s store has also been celebrating Small Business Saturday each year. “We always try and promote Small Business Saturday as much as possible—we make use of all the free assets American Express supplies and add ourselves to their online map. We rely quite heavily on American Express to help promote our business during the event, as they have the scale and reach that our small budget just can’t compete with it.”

Without events like Small Business Saturday to help bring attention to them, small businesses can often feel forgotten in the shadow of larger mass-market companies. “It’s so important that people see the value of small businesses,” Tanya explains, “We are the experts in what we do. As long as we’re presenting things in new and unique ways, and always offering great service, that’s what’s going to help keep small businesses alive.”


Shopping small isn’t just a one-day thing


It’s not just about one day of publicity, events like Small Business Saturday are a great way to get people thinking about how they can support small businesses all year round. As Tanya explains, “Each year throughout this event we hope to gain more walk-ins, but it’s also about getting customers to understand the importance of supporting and shopping in their local brick and mortar stores.” She adds, “Shopping small is something that we should all be doing throughout the year, not just on November 24.”

That’s why we need to be encouraging not only consumers, but businesses too, to participate in this event. Without the participation of local businesses, the event wouldn’t be as successful as it is. And the more businesses that join in, the more of an impact it can have on consumers and local main streets. “Small businesses are important to local communities on so many levels.” Tanya says, “The more dollars you spend there, the more that stays in the community to support other local services and initiatives. It really is that simple.”


How is Verizon supporting small businesses?


Verizon is happy to partner with American Express on Small Business Saturday. We’re always looking for ways to help our small business customers; whether it’s through our Small Business Rewards program, our products and services, or supporting events like these. Louis can see the value, “it’s nice to know that some big companies are there with ideas for you when you need them.” And Tanya agrees, “I love that Verizon is able to support us with our technology, and that they promote events like this. And as a small business owner, it makes me feel better knowing that someone like Verizon has my back.”

Our Small Business Rewards program rewards small businesses every day for just doing the things they normally do. It gives businesses the chance to earn points and use them to redeem gift cards to help towards their business expenses. Both Louis and Tanya are members and actively check the site daily for new rewards and learning materials. “It’s a win-win situation. If you’re doing business with Verizon anyway, why not reap the rewards?” says Tanya. If you’re not already a member, consider joining today.


Get out there and promote your business


Small Business Saturday is fast approaching, but there’s still time to register your business and participate in the event. It’s free to join and American Express has lots of materials for you to download and use. Just like Louis and Tanya have done, this is your opportunity to get involved and support your local community—all while raising your business profile. Discover more information about the different ways you can participate here.

Get involved and promote the shop small mentality—not just on this Saturday but on all days, and help keep small businesses alive.





The content of this post is solely from Verizon, not American Express.



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