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SD-WAN: Networking made simpler

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-29-2018 09:45 AM

 SD-WAN: Networking made simpler


The appetite for bandwidth among businesses large and small is increasingly voracious, as are expectations for application versatility and performance. Yet the bandwidth that is essential for application access and reliability is not getting any easier to manage by yesterday’s IT processes. To better harness costs and network complexity, many businesses are looking to the public internet for connection options and custom configurations that can be made simpler by SD-WAN.  


Software-defined operations enabled by SD-WAN help simplify IT work and securely connect multiple locations. With the technology, bandwidth can be dynamically distributed from a central location to any other location on the network through a single interface. If a preferred route degrades, another one can be assigned quickly and easily. A centrally controlled WAN allows the IT lead to execute numerous operations in minutes, eliminating multiple manual operations.


To put it simply, the benefits of SD-WAN can return value to organizations in several strategic ways. Chief among them:


Reduced complexity--Centralized management enables and simplifies unified standards for quality of service (QoS) and security across the network.


Increased efficiency--With SD-WAN, data is routed based on each application’s requirements, as well as current network conditions.


Sustained availability--Near real-time decisions can be made to redirect traffic to the service that is most suitable at any given time. Secondary network connectivity and inexpensive broadband allow for a cost-effective way to keep the network up and running.


Cost control--Businesses can use premium connections when needed, and low-cost routes for less sensitive purposes, such as posting to social media. Pricey bandwidth can be more closely managed when inexpensive internet connectivity can be designated for noncritical applications.


The bottom line is that SD-WAN holds great promise as a simple means for helping companies of almost any size tame network operations, enable security, continuity, and innovation for every branch location and transition to advanced business communications.  To learn more about software-defined networking, check out the free webinar, Simple, Secure Networking with SD WAN on November 1st at   2 PM

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