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Weekly Round Up

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎01-07-2011 07:42 AM


It’s just the 7th day into the New Year; yet it feels much longer!  So much going on, so much to do and not enough time to do everything… I did poke around online and found some interesting articles to share…


In case you weren’t aware, the biggest consumer electronics show is currently underway.  Ramon Ray, editor of, is in Las Vegas and looking for some neat new productivity tools the average small business can use.  Check out his 6 rules for tech success in business – a good read, short slides with key messages like technology is not a cost, but an investment and take social media seriously, and more tips.


And speaking about social media, the free webinars presented by the Verizon Small Business Center will kick start again next Wednesday with John Jantsch, social media publisher and small business expert, giving tips on leveraging Twitter to find new business.


This article from Inc. is a couple of months old, but it’s still relevant: tips to rebrand your business, a must to spice things up… so why not look into it for your business this year?


I heard this in years past and it’s sad not much has changed… small businesses think cybercrime won’t happen to them.  This recent survey found nearly 50% of small retailers and other small business owners believe it’s not worth the cost and time to protect their business from cybercrime.  Now look here, you can take simple and affordable steps to protect your business.  Check out this past blog and this one post and perhaps consider encrypting your documents???


Lastly, as you set goals and plans for your business this year, this article from the WSJ provides some interesting predictions.


Until next week, happy reading!




Weekly Round-Up of SMB Articles

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎08-13-2010 10:30 AM

1373iB21EC029458BCF21It’s Friday and it’s lunch time.  If you are like me who eats at her desk most days (I’m trying to break this habit), take a break from doing work.  Perhaps poke around online and even check out one of these articles below that might interest you or give you insights that you can incorporate into running your business better.  If you only have a few minutes definitely read about entrepreneur Theresa Daytner, she shares tips on how she networks with the New York Times (last article); perhaps, you’ll follow her tenacity and find some golden opportunities for your business?  And check out the blog Monte posted below on disaster planning.  There are simple and very affordable solutions for small businesses to backup data and more so if your business isn’t protected from disaster… it is advisable you look into it today.


  • InformationWeek’s Michele Pepe-Warren highlights the results from two recently conducted surveys gauging how SMBs feel about the economy.


  • Thinking about taking a vacation this month? You should as Biznik’s Lynne Brisdon explains how to do it and not feel guilty!




  • The New York Times’ Adrianna Gardella speaks with Theresa Daytner on the art of networking. 


Check Out These Articles

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎07-30-2010 06:44 AM

1333i97914CCAF5244E2BStarting this week and going forward, every Fridays we’re planning to point out some articles we’ve read and found them to be very insightful for small businesses.  Read my summary below to see which articles you should check out.  Let me know if you find these round-up of articles helpful and feel free to post some articles you’ve read and would like to share with the community.  Happy reading!      



  • In addition to the top social media tips and mistakes, ReadWriteBiz’s John Paul Titlow outlined four reasons your business should be set up as a Page, rather than a standard profile, on Facebook.


  • AllBusiness’ Small Business Blog with Rieva Lesonsky. This week, she interviewed Shipwire’s CEO Damon Schechter about how e-tailers should be thinking about the holiday season now.


  • Entrepreneur’s Daily Dose’s Carol Tice outlines some recent surveys on the state of small business and the economic conditions many continue to face.


  • Finally, SmallBizTrends’ Lisa Barone spoke with an Albany, New York Verizon Wireless representative about mobile apps small business owners should care about.  
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