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Does Black Friday Have You Spooked?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-28-2010 01:36 PM

jack-o-lantern1.jpgAs Halloween is upon us, trick-or-treat will be in full swing this weekend.  And even as economic recovery takes hold, the real question is will there be any treats for small businesses and retailers this year when Black Friday kicks off the biggest month of shopping all year?


If you have a small retail operation that could benefit from this time, there are a number of things you’re likely already considering – advertising, coupons, social media, word-of-mouth.  For most small businesses, the cost of these may or may not bring the desired return.  As we’ve noted before, online advertising is often the most cost-effective and realistic unless you have a spare $10K sitting around for coupon mailers, newspaper ads, product giveaways and such.


So the basics include working on your site’s SEO – see this great Google SEO primer –  to make sure it comes up high in the search returns for your product or service – car wash, florist, pizzeria – for your market.  You also may want to consider whether or not you should go the online coupon route with Groupon, Tippr, et. al.  You pay for one-day or fixed time period special that can result in a major run on your business depending on the audience and location.


Of  course, your website is key to your online presence and you’ll want ecommerce options that include everything from a PayPal or other secure payment account to effectively get your product out the door during the peak buying season and a customer service line for people who have questions or problems.


It’s not too late to get your hands on a bundle from Verizon that includes voice, Internet and  Verizon Websites Powered by Intuit with web analytics free for the first year of your bundle.  We’ll also take care of putting together a secure PayPal shopping cart for you to take automatic payments. If you think putting a website together is too complicated, check out the replay of this free webinar on Verizon Websites and you’ll see it won’t take you long to get your site up and running. 


No reason to be worried about black cats or Black Friday – success (aka, good luck) results when preparation meets opportunity anytime of year!

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