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Telework – Anywhere, Anytime

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎02-24-2011 03:29 PM

taxi.jpgRecently I purchased a package of Gogo Inflight Internet wi-fi service that’s available on a number of airlines.  I’d used it last month, found it easy to connect and it allowed me to do some work with colleagues while flying.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought a 6-pack of Internet sessions for $50 – a decent savings over one-time user pricing.


But Gogo took it another step for prospective customers – Facebook access has been free this month on flights.  It was a nice touch and a way to create stickiness with consumers who like to be in touch via their Facebook personal networks – a great way to draw people in to the ease of an in-flight Internet connection.


But the real point here is that the mobile professional is the way we all work today..  I mean who isn’t using a smartphone or portable computer to manage a business email or call on the road?    Even my taxicab driver on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. was connected.. He had a clean vehicle and a singular focus on a quality customer experience – after all, he is running a small business and he’s right on the money.  He gave me a card with this email and phone number to connect with and, of course, to share with friends.  His smartphone was plugged in up front so that he could respond both to calls and emails.


And then there was the fellow passenger I encountered at the airport – she was headed to visit family in Seattle but lived in Brooklyn where she works for a small construction consulting firm with 13 employees.  She gave me the ultimate telework story – she’d just come back from two years in Costa Rica where she continued to work as the operations manager for the consulting firm with a DSL connection near the beach in Quepos.  To top it off, she currently works out of her apartment in Brooklyn where she has a FiOS Internet and TV bundle of services.


In the 1990s as the Internet emerged, there was talk of cottage industries and teleworkers, then tech companies like Microsoft began to adopt a sourcing model that allowed them to hire workers anywhere as part of their software development teams – virtual workers.


Today, small or large, businesses have people on site, around town, across the country, around the world and, indeed in the air.  Do you have employees in other states or in other countries?  If yes, how do you stay connected and productive? 

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