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Verizon's Small Biz Customer: Make My Cake

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-14-2014 11:42 AM
As someone who has a sweet tooth, I was eager to visit Make My Cake, a bakery in Harlem and a Verizon small business customer. It was a beautiful morning when I walked in, and it only got better when I was met with the delicious smell of baked goods and a cheerful smile from owner JoAnn Baylor. JoAnn was once a stay-at-home mom who liked making cakes. She didn’t know how to decorate and reminisced about going to Woolworth’s to buy stick-on cake designs to pretty up her delectable treats. Not long after, her mother encouraged her to take classes, and she eventually earned bachelor’s degrees in nutrition and journalism. JoAnn soon landed a job with American Express and later Blue Cross Blue Shield, managing their corporate food services. It wasn’t until after she had retired that JoAnn got back to baking to help her daughter, who wanted to open a bakery. They put together a business plan and opened their first shop. JoAnn shared that, over the years, she has had some fierce competition, but what kept her business going was delivering good service and staying in tune with what Harlem residents wanted and loved. The most important piece of advice she shared was that she “baked from my heart.” She added that many competitors that hopped on trends don’t usually last longer than a few years. MMC - size reduced.jpgToday, JoAnn and her children have two bakeries that use Verizon’s services to process transactions and help keep them connected to their customers. She said her business has relied on Verizon for nearly 20 years. She didn’t want to have to worry about her Internet connection and phone service, so she selected Verizon. And, with Verizon’s services, JoAnn Baylor is able to grow her business and shares on social media when fresh batches of cookies are coming out of the oven. If you would like to share how Verizon is helping your business, connect with us on Facebook.


Our Customers Share Their Story

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎05-15-2014 02:30 PM
While this week is National Small Business Week designated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, here at Verizon we honor, celebrate and support small business owners every day. 

We love to hear from our customers and learn how our services are helping them to run and grow their business and allowing them to quickly connect with their customers no matter where they are or while in transit.

Below is a recap of some of our small business customers and their story. All of these videos are located under the Small Business tab on Verizon’s Youtube Channel. You can share your story with us on Facebook and our next video could be about your business.

Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shops:

Bob Bond Associates Inc.

Cafe Zona Sur

Harlem Garage


Verizon's Small Biz Customer: Cafe Zona Sur

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎05-15-2014 11:02 AM
I recently visited one of Verizon’s small business customers, and it was a great experience. Jose Luis Hernandez and his wife Maria Medina operate Café Zona Sur, a restaurant in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn that’s focused on a fusion of fresh, simple and delicious food. 

As co-owner and head chef, Luis shared that the dishes they serve represent their journey with food. And Verizon’s reliable voice and broadband services are helping Luis and Maria on their journey.

Luis came to the U.S. from Mexico as a teenager and started working in a restaurant, chopping vegetables and making salads. Over the years, Luis took on more responsibilities as his passion for food grew and he realized cooking is an art. He worked in many restaurants during this time– including some very well-known, four-star establishments. Eventually Luis became a sous-chef, overseeing a couple of dozen of chefs, and he gained experience in preparing many different types of cuisines. 

Sitting across from me at his café, Luis admitted that– working in so many kitchens for the last two decades – he never thought he could open a restaurant. Luis also shared insights on how he got his business started, so check back soon to read his guest post.

Luis is thankful business at his café has been really good. He credits social media for helping to get his business some buzz, and he uses his fast, reliable Verizon Internet connection to respond to his customers and quickly post specials on Facebook and Twitter. Luis said he didn’t want to have to worry about the connection and phone, so he selected Verizon.
And, with Verizon’s services, Luis is ready to grow his business. If you would like to share how Verizon is helping your business, connect with us on Facebook.


Inventors’ Best Friend: Lynn, MA Company Helps Bring Patent Applications to Life

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎01-30-2014 01:46 PM

Guest post by Phil Santoro, PR manager supporting Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Follow Phil on Twitter: @VerizonPhil.


Time is money. Bob Bond knows that business axiom as well as anyone. That’s why when it was time to grow his business, he turned to Verizon FiOS for his Internet service.


Bob owns a patent illustration, graphic design, and photography business in a recently restored old brick building in downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. His team of professional illustrators, designers and photographers work seven days a week, turning out high-quality images that must get to his clients immediately. As the business grew, so did Bob’s reliance of an Internet service that could not only give him fast reliable download speeds but more importantly, fast, reliable upload speeds. He had FiOS installed and he says “I don’t know what slow is anymore.”


It’s not uncommon for three artists to be sending large images to clients at the same time. “It takes a good upload speed to get there,” Bond said. “When I send a file, I know it’s going to go. There are no slowdown periods.”


While some cable companies claim to be able to match FiOS download speeds (and in most cases they can’t), none can match Verizon’s upload speeds, which can provide up to 100 megabits per second. (500 Mbps download, if you’re interested).


Bond said his business is running smoothly and growing in large part due to the speed and reliability of his FiOS Internet service. His message to other businesses: “If you have FiOS in your community, give Verizon a call because they will take care of you.”

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