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Website Design – Is SEO Driving Your Website's Look and Feel?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-07-2010 04:34 PM

behance.jpgYesterday, on one of our frequent free Verizon small business webinars, about 300 entrepreneurial types jumped on to hear Scott Belsky and Mattias Corea of Behance give an overview of the best creative strategies for you to consider when developing a website.


Much of their conversation focused on what’s called ‘rapid iteration’ or how once you have your website up, modifying it to meet the needs of your customers.  This comes from both constant engagement with your customers and having a good web analytics program to help you understand how your customers are finding you and where they’re spending time on your site. 


This may sound like a lot, but it’s really not and, in fact, if you’re a new small business customer to Verizon and purchase a voice and data bundle, you can get Web Analytics along with Verizon Websites powered by Intuit free for the first year to help you build your website, set up domain names, email accounts, develop SEO capabilities, etc.


But back to the point:  Belsky and Corea advised that if your customers are coming to your site and using a specific search term to find it, then you may want to change your home page or at least your menu to reflect that as an option – e.g., if you’re a Japanese restaurant and sushi is the key search word people are using, then you want to be sure that sushi is present or even has prominent billing on your landing page.  If you’re a dentist and you have a large number of people looking for teeth whitening and finding you that way, then you’d want to be sure that teeth whitening is somewhere “above the fold.”  This old newspaper term simply refers to the area on your home page that is visible on a visitor’s monitor before they have to scroll down further onto the page.


While there was much more discussed, the last piece you may want to consider is scalability – that is, what you need to do to set your site up for growth that parallels your presumed business growth.  Shortcuts are one key feature you can use making flow of website better for the user; how do you know which ones to do?  You’ll need to test this out and there’s no substitute for asking friends or customers to use them and find out which are intuitive and which aren’t.


Check out the replay of the Behance presentation and others in our webinar archives and, if you like, register for next week’s free session on Verizon Websites powered by Intuit.  There you’ll get an overview from Intuit experts and learn how really easy it is to design your own website with this easy-to-use program!

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