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Resources to Help You Promote Your Website on a Budget with Search Marketing

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎10-20-2010 02:45 PM

anita-headshot.jpgDuring the webinar (available for replay 10/22) “11 Tips to Promote Your Website on a Budget with Search Marketing,” I mentioned a number of search marketing resources you can find on the Web. 


To make it convenient for you, I’ve listed the resources below.  Included are resources for newbies, do-it-yourselfers, and also some resources of interest to those who may work together with outside SEM providers or who have intermediate levels of knowledge about search marketing.


Remember, knowledge of search marketing is a valuable tool that will help you grow your online presence.  Even if you work with outside SEO or search marketing providers,  you’ll get better results from them if you know the right questions to ask and don’t require they use their time (that YOU are paying for, by the way) to have them educate you on basic concepts.




Recommended blog platforms: (hosted free blogs – great for beginners) (hosted free blogs – also great for beginners) (for setting up a blog on your own URL)


Bloggers Guide to SEO -  If you have a blog and want to understand enough about search engine optimization to increase your blog’s reach, read this helpful guide. (It may take a couple of read-throughs if you’re new to search engine optimization, but stick with it.  You’ll absorb a little more each time you read it. ) 




Search Engine Land PPC Resources


PPC Blog





Google Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster Tools





Google Local Places listings:


Bing Local Listings: Bing Local Listing Center


Facebook Places To Replace Your Local Fan Page


Local Business Listing Optimization Guide




SEO Tools – From


SEO Competitor checklist


Why Trust Matters and How to Earn It – In recent years, as the Web has grown larger, the concept of ”trust” in your site has become more important — trust from human readers and trust from search engines.  This article by Matt McGee of Small Business SEM explains how to make YOUR site a trusted site.

SEO Success Pyramid graphic – Also from Matt McGee, this graphic is a companion to the article on trust.  It describes  visually the many components it takes to develop a trusted site.  I recommend you print this graphic out, distribute it to your marketing and tech teams, discuss it in team meetings, and refer back to it from time to time.






List Of Linking Tools — Getting links to our sites from other quality sites is crucial to search engine position.  Widely acknowledged as an expert in the field of link-building, Debra Mastaler suggests this list.  See also Debra’s related article with link building tools  - guest blogging service  - guest blogging service


Some Directories Worth Submitting to:

Yahoo! Directory

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