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Congrats to this week's MVP Winner!!!


If you’re experiencing trouble accessing your Verizon Online (My Verizon) account or your email account, it may be because we have observed unusual activity related to your account, indicating that an unknown third party may have acquired or tried to acquire your user name and password. In response, we have temporarily disabled access to some accounts as a protective measure. Find out more here.

Idea Exchange Update
Hi Forum Users!
We’ve got some pretty big changes coming to the forums in 2016, and part of those changes will be a community redesign, and revamping some collaboration spaces (such as the Idea Exchange). We have decided to disable the Idea Exchange for the duration of the year in hopes of relaunching it with the changes coming in 2016. We hope that this board will become grounds for cultivating great ideas that we can turn into reality here at Verizon. However, until we have all of the necessary processes and parties in place, we don’t feel that the board is serving its original purpose, or serving you in the best way. Please be patient with us as we improve this community!
Thanks so much for the great thoughts you've posted to date!

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