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by Employee ‎07-30-2009 10:03 AM - edited ‎08-19-2009 06:19 PM week, we participated in a very cool event in NYC with one of our TV partners,  Held at’s Soho offices, we joined the who’s who of new media to celebrate’s expanded distribution, new partnerships, and redesigned video-management dashboard for show creators. offers over 38,000 original Web shows and 70 million video views every month. content appears on Verizon FiOS TV – on Video on Demand and as part of our new Internet Videos offering, which allows Home Media DVR customers to search user-generated online videos from as well as other video providers, Dailymotion and Veoh.

Verizon’s Garrett Rieman, who helps to manage our VOD offering, told the group that’s wide variety of content complements our FiOS TV strategy of “something for everyone, every time.”  Garrett was at the event along with executives from YouTube, FreeWheel, TubeMogul and Roku.

Of course, Verizon FiOS TV is the only traditional TV provider to offer content like  You just can’t get it from any of our cable competitors.

Check out what CNET’s Caroline McCarthy had to say.
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on ‎07-30-2009 12:01 PM

As I posted in the first Blog post in this series, Eric, I would hope to see more information that is of actual use to the paying customer/user, rather than just this cheerleading stuff. I understand that your job is to tell the world how wonderful FIOS is, and you're doing a great job of it, but the continuing failure to address known issues and problems with FIOS service, equipment, and customer support undermines your credibility as well as your efforts at touting "new and improved" services and capability.


In your fist ten blogs, you have sung the praises of: this blog; bringing social networking to the TV; internet video; revenue growth; wi-fi access; the effort to add the NFL Sunday Ticket, the YES network, EPIX movie channel; smaller ONTs; and your rising share in digital TV contracts. All of that is wonderful, and aside from the wi-fi access and efforts to add new channels, I’d wager that most readers don’t care about the other stuff. What they DO care about is for their existing services to be delivered consistently and reliably.


Case in point: Your discussion of Blip as a partner available with your new internet video service on Home Media DVRs is overshadowed by the fact that for a GREAT number of early adopters, your HM-DVR/Media Manager functionality is woeful!  They cannot get it to function, cannot view a large fraction of their PC-stored content, and quite frankly, the sites available for internet video viewing are extremely limited. Where are Hulu and Netflix? Where are the major networks?


Why do you not discuss THESE challenges and what is being done to address them?  What is Verizon doing to deal with the rampant video and audio dropouts in their content delivery? ..or the poor performance of multi-room DVRs from the alternate STBs? … or the CONSISTENTLY inaccurate, incomplete, and otherwise less than useful info in the Program Guide?…or the EXTREMELY limited amount of storage, and refusal to permit add-on storage on your DVRs? ... and the inability of a majority of your customer service reps to correctly answer and deal with issues as diverse as CableCard delivery and pricing to lack of promised remote access to STBs? THESE are the issues your customers want dealt with, NOT listening to your bragging about market share!  



Acknowledge and address these concerns and what Verizon is doing about them, and you will increase your credibility a thousand-fold. Continue to be a cheerleader, and you will just be perceived as a shill for the big corporation that Verizon is.

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Not for nothing, but the video quality from the internet sites on my TV is just plain lousy looking.  The only feature that works well is the photo portion IMHO.



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on ‎07-31-2009 03:22 PM

We want to hear from the readers of this blog and appreciate the feedback about what you want to read here.


One of our main purposes in launching the Verizon at Home blog was to keep people updated on new developments, including improvements to existing services. As improvements are made, we’ll talk about them here first.


A case in point is
today's post about Widget upgrades. There were many ideas for how we could improve Widgets Bazaar when we first launched it, and we’ve now included some of those ideas in this upgrade.


However, I think it is also fair to say that we’re not interested in hosting a "gripe blog." We’re happy to address legitimate customer problems, and we’ve handled dozens of those already. We’re also reading the Verizon Community Forums and following the issues people are discussing there. When we can contribute to the Forums’ discussion here at the blog, we’ll do that, and we’ll also continue to talk about what’s new in our products and services.


-- Eric


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