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Congratulations to Showtime Sports Interactive for Emmy Engineering Award

by on ‎08-16-2010 02:10 PM

1378iFA983AA1AC58AB42We’ve all heard of the Emmys.  Airing later this month, the Emmys will give us a chance to see our favorite TV stars celebrate and accept awards for shows like “Lost,” “Mad Men” and “Glee.”  But have you ever heard of the Emmy Engineering Awards?  No?  We’re excited about them because Showtime Sports Interactive, a feature only available to FiOS TV customers, is one of the winners.


The Emmy Engineering Awards honor companies for advancements in television technology and engineering.  Showtime Sports Interactive is one of only four companies that will receive an Engineering Plaque, which is presented for achievements that exhibit a high level of engineering and are important to the progress of the industry.


Regular readers of the At Home blog may remember that we introduced Showtime Sports Interactive back in February with the “Strikeforce Challengers” mixed martial arts event.  Since then we’ve offered the application during two other events and we’ll have it again Saturday, Aug. 21 with the “Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship.”


Why do we like it?  First, the application allows us to access to fighter stats, bios, ring records, fighter trivia games, interactive polling, fight calendars and more - all on the TV screen while watching the fight.  Second, we had a hand in its development.  Our FiOS set top box development team developed a platform that uses EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) specifications, which is the cable industry’s accepted platform for the delivery of interactive services.  Our team worked closely with Showtime to ensure that this EBIF application was incorporated into Showtime Sports Interactive and that the service has been transmitted and executed flawlessly on our customers’ set top boxes.  This was the first-ever HD EBIF application and the first EBIF experience to incorporate voting and polling.


Congratulations go out to our partners at Showtime, especially David Preisman, who accepted the award this past weekend and who spoke about it recently during an interview with ITVT.  If you’re a Showtime subscriber, make sure to check it out this weekend and let us know what you think.
















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