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‘Customers First’ – We’re Committed to Taking Care of You

by ‎08-11-2011 07:35 PM - edited ‎08-12-2011 09:32 AM

VerizonLogo1.jpgTaking care of you – our customer – is what we strive to do at Verizon every moment of every day.  Without you, our valued customer, we wouldn’t exist.


And so despite the challenges presented this week due to a strike in nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers against Verizon, we have thousands of management employees who have received training in the event of a work stoppage, working hard to serve you and respond to your communication needs.


Our management team is fielding your calls for customer service at multiple call centers.  In addition, we have more colleagues performing installation and repair jobs to keep you in touch with those whom you need to remain in contact.


Our call centers have answered more than 90 percent of incoming calls the past few days, and our management employees have repaired dozens of acts of sabotage to our network facilities since this past weekend.


In the face of such adverse conditions, our management team continues to increase their productivity while focusing on restoring customers’ service.  As several Verizon leaders share in these videos, you should gain a better understanding of how committed we are to all our customers.


In trying conditions, when emotions can run high, we’re gratified at the great job our team is doing to take care of you. We appreciate the calls and emails and online posts from many of our customers who have thanked our management employees for responding to their customer service issues.  While the recognition is appreciated, we’re simply doing our job by putting customers first.


While we continue to seek a new labor contract and keep open the lines of communication with our unions, please know that we’ll remain committed to taking care of all your communication needs.



by mjane
on ‎08-12-2011 11:29 AM

How long until you get falls church, va internet back up? 

by Jjulio1
on ‎08-12-2011 11:38 AM
If this is true I would not be waiting weeks for a residential fios install. Does your company not understand that it is bad business to make people wait weeks for install, then lie and say that customers come first. I can't even get Verizon to give me an install date! If you do a search, you'll read accounts of Verizon canceling install jobs the day before, even though the customer had been waiting weeks. Please don't think we are foolish enough to believe a media campaign, while you don't even have the resources to make new installs. Every customer you make wait, is another chance for time Warner to take that $150 a month times a few thousand customers.
by Jjulio1
on ‎08-12-2011 11:49 AM
Update: spoke to Verizon and they scheduled my install for 4 months from now, and failed to tell me! This is horrible treatment of it's customers.
by BSeery
on ‎08-12-2011 01:32 PM

I scheduled my FIOS install over 1 month ago.  The install was supposed to be on 8/15, and today I get a call saying "due to our money grubbing entitled union workers who decided that a strike was more important than serving the customers your install has been postponed.  We will call you when we have an updated install date --- but most likely we won't call you and just leave you SCREWED WITHOUT TV,PHONE and INTERNET THAT YOU NEED TO WORK FROM HOME !!".



So -- Verizon, when will I get the internet service that I need?  I need this so I can work from home.



Maybe I should call Comcast and see how soon they can get me hooked up.

on ‎08-12-2011 03:46 PM

Jjulio1 and BSeery,


First, let me say that I understand your disappointment and apologize for not giving you timely information. During the strike, trained management employees are stepping in to provide service to our customers. They're focused on answering customers' calls, performing general customer service and completing repairs. In addition, since Aug. 6, our crews have encountered dozens of acts of sabotage to our network that temporarily disrupted service for thousands of customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including police stations and other emergency responders. In most of these cases, crews restored service within 24 hours.


In the face of these adverse conditions, our managers are doing a terrific job.  Verizon has received dozens of calls, emails and notes online thanking the company and our employees for responding to their customer service issues.


Again, we're sorry that we're unable to schedule your installation sooner, but we hope you understand that we're continuing to serve customers in many other ways.



by abeke
on ‎08-13-2011 06:59 AM

Even though you all are stating this, I called and asked could I just have DSL since I could install that myself you all would need to just send  a modem since I can't have FIOS due to your company striking and though the customer service rep was very nice, she told me that if I switched to DSL until the strike was over that would be a brand new order and who knows when you all could get to me, I am thinking to myself like really, since no fault of my own I can't get FIOS why won't you all just send me a modem for DSL until you are able to install my FIOS since I have nothing now, at least with some type of internet service I could watch movies online, as it stands now I can't watch anything.  And why would it be a new order since I already have a order in and the garbage you all are feeding us about having trained managers to pick up the slack, I  guess none of those managers work in Northern VA


by BSeery
on ‎08-13-2011 10:38 AM

You keep saying that your management team is stepping up, and that customers are happy with your response.


Well, I am not happy.  I need this install on Monday -- by Friday AT THE LATEST.  I am moving into a new home and need internet service to do remote support for my work with the local hospitals.  No internet, no remote support -- period.  I scheduled this install well over 1 month ago, plenty of time for the management team to figure out how to get my service running even in the event of a stupid union wanting more and more.  Maybe management ought to dump the union and hire some of the millions of unemployed that would be happy to have a job --- but I understand that Verizon and the IBEW have made their bed long ago and now Verizon needs to make right to their customers, existing and new.


Bottom line -- I need my install this week.  Not "we will call you never and install you whenever".  This week.


Find a member of the management team, bring my FIOS modem out to my house that has already had FIOS in it before, turn the signal on and let me have my internet.


I have a DSL modem, I will let you turn the service over from my apartment to our new house in the meantime.  But it needs to be done NOW.

by Vavs
on ‎08-13-2011 05:12 PM

I want to make Verizon aware that I tried to move existing home telephone service 8 miles to our first home. I was scheduled to have service come on on 8-09-11. I have no service, no dial tone, cannot even call 911 in the event of an emergency. We paid an electrician to come in and check the phone lines inside our home. He determined it was likely an issue between the pole and the house. I cannot see my account online. I called the 800 number at least a dozen times and was disconnected. I finally spoke to someone who gave us a service date of December 31st and suggested we find another provider. I let her know that we cannot even call 911; she said "I'm sorry. I can't help you." We live in an area where there is no cell service from any provider and Verizon is the ONLY provider for home telephone service. We have NO CHOICE but to use Verizon. I really hope we don't get seriously hurt in the next 3 months, because we won't be able to get an ambulance. Plus, I have a home-based business and my clients can not call me at this time; hopefully I can keep my contracts. Thanks Verizon, you are putting my family at a safety risk and sinking my business all at the same time. Don't try to blame the striking workers - you as a company are responsible for making sure your service areas can call 911.

by truckie
on ‎08-13-2011 06:24 PM

Everything Verizon is posting on the strike is usual propaganda.  Regardless who's at fault of the strike (the union will always blame the company and vice versa) the bottom line is the "trained" managment will NEVER do as well of a job as the union workers.  The union workers do this day in and day out to the point they can do installs and repairs with their eyes closed.  Even though the management are "trained" I challange any of them tell us when they last time they were in the field with tools in hand.

by warsnail
on ‎08-13-2011 11:43 PM



Dear Mr.Kula

Please do not insult my intelligence, customers are not happy about what is happening right now.  I am sure many of your customers, like myself,  can relate to plight of the 45k workers that are on strike, because as New Yorkers they recognize the difficulty of sustaining their heads above water when the cost of everything around them has skyrocketed.  As a consumer, I am applaud at the stance that Verizon is taking towards both their employees and their consumers.  I can not get a straight answer about issues that I have with my FIOS, and I do not trust any of your "trained managers" or the people that you are shipping in from other states to help your managers do these install/repairs.  How could you treat your consumers like collateral damage? But I guess I can't expect much from a company that shows little regard for the hard working men and women within your own company.  Please hurry up and settle these negotiations, if you need to save money then maybe you should ask your new CEO, to forfeit his 30+ million dollar salary and perks, or any of the other administrators who as far as I can see are not putting customers, nor customer service first!!! Just shameful and disgusting behavior..Time Warner is looking better and better everyday. 

by warsnail
on ‎08-13-2011 11:54 PM

BSeary, I am surprised that someone would call and say that to you.  But just be clear, those workers are far from being money grubbing and entitled.They are run of the mill blue collar workers,(who along with the rest of us middle class folks are carrying the weight of the this nation's deficit) who were given NO CHOICE but to strike. 

by ekjkek
on ‎08-15-2011 05:07 PM

I find it funny that this article was done on Thursday 08/11 when I placed an order for a change of equipment.  All I need is to have a Multi-Room DVR unit and a Set Top Box shipped to me.  I do not need an installer all I need is a facility somewhere in the non-strike zone to process my order and I can't get anyone to tell me anything.


Theh 1-800 number basically says "you're SOL because our people are on strike". Can't even get an approximate ship date. human needs to enter my home...I just need the equipment shipped. 


MA had a no-tax holiday weekend this past weekend and all those people (me included) that went out to upgrade their TVs can't hook them up without the proper Set Top Box.   Thank you Verizon, I now have a TV that I can't use.


I really don't understand why mechanisms weren't put in place to have the orders and customer support inquiries rerouted to another state that isn't part of the strike.


And to Warsnail...I am a middle class worker that pays my $300+ Verizon bill every month and you know what I expect for that...SERVICE.  Your Verizon Middle Class Workers are causing problems for the rest of us that pay their salaries and medical benefits.  Where is the appreciation for your customers? 


So I ask again, how difficult is it for put two pieces of equipment in a box and ship them to a loyal, paying customer.  Ridiculous.

by Washdc27
on ‎08-15-2011 07:26 PM
Please don't blame Verizon workers for this delay. Blame the executives and board members for failing to compromise with the workers. Ugh!
by ajchinici1
on ‎08-15-2011 09:15 PM

How exactly is Verizon committed to taking care of its customers? Please tell me, because from the looks of it you guys only care about taking care of new customers. I've been a customer for almost 3 years now, my bill with the bundle of the three (including a $20 "customer loyalty credit") is $195. When Verizon is offering what I have to new customers for just $89!!! I was on hold with Verizon for an hour today before I got anyone and a total of 4 hours to get absolutely nothing resolved. No promotional offer for me, a loyal paying customer who's bill is somehow up to $195 A MONTH. I was told to take away my home phone, take away my boxes, get the lowest package of channels if I want to lower my bill at all. On top of it, when downgrading services, you don't subtract the cost that your customers actually pay you every month for those services. You get new customers with the great prices that you offer in the beginning, but then jack up the prices sky high on them after a year. How is that taking care of customers? What normal hard working family can afford $200 a month? How is that fair?

on ‎08-19-2011 12:28 PM



First, thank you for being our customer. I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the current price you're paying, and I'd like to explain how our pricing works:


All of our quoted prices for FiOS bundles are considered a base price. We then add the cost of set-top boxes, premium channels, faster Internet service and other options that a customer may want.  It's likely you added features when you originally signed up for FiOS, which is why our representative suggested dropping certain services to lower your price.



Existing customers can often get discounts on sports and movie packages when upgrading your services. These offers do change over time, so customers can check with us to see what discounts currently available.



by nikeylynn
on ‎09-19-2011 05:15 AM

Taking care of customer's, that's a joke. I suggest all verizon customers to GO OVER YOUR MONTHLY BILLS!! Over the last year I had credited back to me 552.31 for bogus charges for things I NEVER ORDERED and things I WAS NEVER TOLD ABOUT AND 240.00 of it was for boxes that I returned and they tried to charge me for. THANK GOD I KEPT MY RECIEPT. Then on top of the 552.31, They just charged me 263.40 and will not tell me what exactly it is for. They say past due amounts, yeah past due amounts that are also bogus and that is why they wont disclose it. I have to go through the Public Utilities Commission now which is a hassle but well worth it!!


by Employee
on ‎09-19-2011 03:47 PM


I am sorry your bill has been wrong. I have sent you a personal message if you still need any assistance.

Thanks, Frank_VZ

by magnusfl
‎10-09-2011 07:45 PM - edited ‎10-09-2011 07:46 PM

if this was true I would of not dealt with 55 hours of phone calls cuts in service of internet from 25/25 to 3/7 and caused half my channels on my extrime package go to you are not subscribed over and over 30-60 minutes to get to a live person only to get transferred to another 45 to 60 minute hold for the next person, also had a phantom phone never  installed to the property which got billed to me which I of course never paid and got nasty letters for it. Also were we over billed 400 dollars which took them 6 months to return.

So what started this simple I had the extreme TV and internet package and simply wanted to add my tmoble@home which was an obsolete 10 a month home phone plan which worked perfectly except it  they canceled the deal with Linksys so Linksys killed the beta driver which had working fax support in it

So how did it end up?

We had to cancel the current account and create a new account as they could not or would not fix the caller id as the old account was in my mother name who lives in the house behind mine so when people got my tag it came up Glenda not David as it should of and I did not even know it till my new girl friend dropped me as she thought I was married after calling me the first time

So my thought of Verizon’s customer service if every thing works ok you never know you dealing with the devil with customer service from Hell

Let me note there are some very good agents at Verizon but simply not enough of them as 45 minutes to get to a person is not acceptable

And how I feel I bit raped as I did not get satisfaction even thought I did get a few discounts for the next year but quite inadequate for all the pain suffering and denial of services we paid for and never compensated

by Employee
on ‎10-11-2011 12:56 PM



I sincerely apologize for the trouble that you've gone through. I would like to offer any assistance that I can to you. I sent you a private message to start.




Verizon Support


Notice: Content posted by Verizon employees is meant to be informational and does not supersede or change the Verizon Forums User Guidelines or Terms or Service, or your Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions or Plan.


by magnusfl
on ‎10-11-2011 11:21 PM

will the time it cost me at min wage to fix verizons screw ups cost me 55 hours at at fl min wage it adds up to 402 dollar a cheep price for some that holds a masters in business so how about two month of free service as brighthouse offered me up to 400 dollars to break out of the dricttv package we had or a second month totaly  free

and if you toss in a third month free I even got to the over 100 websites were I slamed you and put it it be resolved as I was very active during the time not only on hold with verizon but during that time I keep documenting each call and posted the lack of results on any page relevent

by skater
on ‎12-18-2011 10:14 AM

I'm embarrassed, thought I was  the cause of having to be put on hold for a mere 12 hours trying to get my FIOS services installed. After all it's only been since Dec 12th till now. Spent two days alone with a crew from India who, after hours of "on hold," have not figured out how to transfer calls without disconnecting. If I were Verizon I would feel guilty for the use of "Award Winning Service". Upper management obviously is unaware of customers concerns (complaints or dissatisfactions not sent up the chain) or, perhaps just being ignored in favor of those with a high tolerance for poor performance.


If one of the pictured upper management would contact me I would gladly furnish information so the records of my efforts can be reviewed  and affirmative management can be taken to correct these service shortcomings.

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