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EPIX Debuts this Weekend with a Free Preview Exclusively on FiOS TV

by Employee ‎10-28-2009 09:39 AM - edited ‎10-28-2009 09:42 AM

EpixLogo.pngFiOS TV subscribers will be the first in line when the new blockbuster EPIX channel debuts this weekend.  As I've said here, we're excited to be the only provider to offer EPIX.  Well, the time has come, and the new EPIX channel goes live on FiOS TV Friday. 


From Friday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. through Sunday, Nov. 1 at 11:59 p.m., FiOS TV customers can check out the premium channel free of charge.  For Madonna fans, there's the exclusive 2-hour special concert event "Sticky & Sweet: Live from Buenos Aires."  For comedy lovers, EPIX will air an exclusive comedy special from Eddie Izzard.  And there are the great hit movies.


Beginning Nov. 2, subscribers can order EPIX for $9.99 per month.  You get the SD and HD channels, which will offer the latest new releases from Paramount, Paramount Vantage, MGM, United Artists and Lionsgate, but you'll also get all of the video-on-demand content.


Plus, FiOS TV and Internet customers who are also EPIX subscribers can log in to the EPIX web site and watch movies on their PCs.  EPIX will launch with 150 online titles per month for FiOS customers, with plans to increase this number in the future. 


EPIX will be available in SD on channel 395 and HD on channel 895.  So, movie lovers, check out the free preview this weekend and get ready to take in all that EPIX has to offer. 

on ‎10-28-2009 10:19 AM

With competition what it is - the economy - and with your poor subscriber add figures announced this week, personally I feel this is a terrible move to charge $10/mo for 1 channel.


No wonder no other providers have picked this up. Customers are already griping over the high costs of TV - and then this happens? 


I have 4 choices for TV in my area (DISH, Direct, Comcast and FIOS) and there's zero "competition" as far as pricing. 


I really hope this isn't the future business plan for VZ in making every new channel ala carte.


Just my i will not be forking over any additional money for this channel.

by ransaldi
on ‎10-28-2009 12:00 PM

I was initially excited to be getting an additional movie channel in HD that would add to your already robust premium lineup.  I mistakenly assumed my $200 a month would have me covered when it came to adding this single HD channel.  Now that I see it is a stand alone charge of $10  could not agree more with PSUMATT.  Paying the additional $10 for one HD channel ( I know about the internet and on-demand but charge separately for those who would like to watch online) seems ludicrous.   

This is the second channel (Redzone) added recently with a stand alone charge and I too hope this is not a trend as additional HD channels get added in the future.  Unless I am missing something I believe this channel will struggle to succeed as people are not going to be lining up for additional charges when they are already paying enough money each month.  

on ‎10-28-2009 12:16 PM

My issue is that I'm not a fan of watching movies on a computer screen, first.  Second, I'm not a big VOD watcher.  The reason, and this goes for most people I know, is that the VOD menu is wall too balky and slow to move through the menu.  Epix is giving up on customers who value the linear channel (SD/HD) but aren't interested in VOD and internet watching.  Starz! does it right by offering the internet watching as an extra fee.  As for Epix's movies, well these were previously handled by Showtime.  So now we have to pay extra for movies that would have been on Showtime only a year or so ago?

on ‎10-28-2009 12:44 PM

$9.99 is much too much for a single movie channel. This channel should be included in your all-inclusive movie package. I could understand bumping that package's price up a few dollars with the addition of EPIX but, again, $9.99 is ludicrous. No sale.

on ‎10-28-2009 01:16 PM

I'll be checking to see if INDIANA JONES and IRON MAN are presented in their proper widescreen format.  If they are (and the audio is 5,1) then I would consider this channel. But if the movies are "cropped" to 16X9 (as HBO does), then it's NO SALE!

on ‎10-28-2009 03:43 PM


Can you comment on this statement - straight from the Epix website? IF this is the case - i'm once again a HAPPY customer. Please confirm this for us!



  • How much does it cost?
    For Verizon customers, if you are a "Triple-Play" customer EPIX is included in your package for FREE. It's also available on an "ala-carte" basis.

    For more information, visit FiOS online at or call 1-888-553-1555 (select option #3 for “new products/services”) for more information.


on ‎10-28-2009 04:50 PM

I hope it is part of the movie package, otherwise, I am not interested.

by ScottM
on ‎10-29-2009 12:43 PM

Eric_Rabe wrote:


"we're excited to be the only provider to offer EPIX."


If this means that there will be a separate $10 fee for Epix AND new movies from the Epix partners (Lions Gate, MGM, and Paramount) will no longer appear on the other premium channels like Showtime, thanks for nothing.   I would rather Verizon, cable, and satellite not carry Epix and see the channel fail.  I believe that if you already subscribe to EVERY premium AND every Fios service (triple play) this is ridiculous.   To me watching movies on a computer via an internet connection adds no value to a premium subscription.  I hope there is a backlash and an Epix boycott so the movies from these studios will return to one of the premium cannels already included in the HBO/MAX/SHO/TMC/Starz/Encore package for which I already pay enough.  My monthly bill is already outrageous.  


on ‎10-29-2009 02:26 PM

While I like some of the movie titles offered by EPIX, for an additional $9.99 bucks a month for a SINGLE channel, it certianly is not worth it. Being a huge movie fan I already subscribe to all the movie channels (HBO, Cinemax and the movies package) and to shell out another 10 bucks on top of what I am already paying, no thanks, I'm going to pass. And if what ScottM says come true (new movies from the Epix partners (Lions Gate, MGM, and Paramount) will no longer appear on the other premium channels like Showtime) I'll probably be cutting some of my existing packages as well.


And being watching a movie on my computer, honesty why should I care. I have a 52" HD LCD on my wall now, why would I want to pay more to watch a movie on my laptop!?!?!?


Sorry, by my initial enthusiasm for EPIX has been quelled by the $9.99 per month charge.

on ‎10-30-2009 05:04 PM

Just checked out their on-lione feed.  IRON MAN is cropped, just as it was on the Free Preview.  Last chance to see if the channel has any integrity is at 8 PM tonight.

on ‎10-30-2009 08:22 PM - last edited on ‎10-31-2009 08:43 PM by Moderator Emeritus

Well, it's confirmed now.  The EPIX policy is to crop widescreen movies on the all formats.  They should change their name to {please keep your posts courteous}.  Theyt've made "something big" into something small, showing contempt for the movies, filmmakers, and viewers.   And for only $9.99!   No thanks.

by Employee
on ‎11-02-2009 05:59 PM

It's always good to get your feedback and to understand how you evaluate new content.  EPIX is available in HD, SD and VOD.  Someone told me today that he counted more than 140 titles in HD from EPIX video on demand this weekend.  In addition, more than 150 movies will be available online every month for EPIX subscribers.


At $9.99 per month, all of this content -- EPIX channel, VOD and online -- is less than the cost of three recent VOD movies.



on ‎11-03-2009 11:14 AM

I'd have subscribed already, if EPIX weren't mutilating the movies (I see that all four of the INDIANA JONES movies are cropped).  What a shame.

by seth3esq
on ‎11-09-2009 03:01 AM

I did subscribe but I will be cancelling in the morning. I work overnight in an extremely non-busy environment so the most attractive feature of Epix was being able to watch movies online.


Well, not only does it NOT work for me, but there's no information anywhere as to where to get support. I suppose I could call in the morining during regular business hours, but, at that time, I won't be in front of the computer so it'll be pretty useless to call.

by Employee
on ‎11-09-2009 04:49 PM



I'm sorry that you had some problems with EPIX online.  You didn't say exactly what wasn't working for you, but you'll find good support information in the FAQ at, including a section devoted to FiOS customers.  There's also a link at the bottom of the page where you can ask questions not covered by the FAQ. 



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