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FiOS Launches Showtime Anytime

by on ‎01-10-2012 10:07 AM

Anytime1.jpgWe often talk here about the borderless lifestyle and how Verizon is making this possible for today’s consumers – especially our tech savvy FiOS customers. Today we’re again expanding our borderless offering, with the launch of SHOWTIME ANYTIME.  


FiOS TV customers are among the first to receive unlimited access to this online and mobile service, which features more than 400 hours of SHOWTIME’s original programming, hit movies and sports offerings. With your Verizon FiOS login credentials, you can easily access all of this programming on your PC, from any location with a broadband connection, and from your iPad.


SHOWTIME ANYTIME is available to FiOS customers who subscribe to Showtime, and can be accessed by logging in at FiOS TV Online or, or by downloading the Showtime Anytime iPad app from the iTunes App store.  FiOS customers will find everything from series like “Dexter,” “Nurse Jackie” and “Homeland,” to hit movies like “The King’s Speech,” “Blue Valentine” and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Looking for more? Check out the comedy specials, documentaries and, of course, SHOWTIME’s sports programming featuring boxing, NASCAR and MMA.


More good news for our FiOS TV customers today: we’re getting ready to launch online programming from FOX. Back in September we told you this was coming soon. As a FiOS TV customer, you’ll get next-day access to your favorite FOX shows. If you’re like me that probably means you’ll be watching “Glee” and “New Girl” when new episodes start to air and catching up on past episodes now. Keep a look out for FOX on FiOS TV Online, as we expect it to be available soon. 


Enjoy all the new online and mobile programming and don’t forget about everything else available on FiOS TV Online as well as Flex View. And check back here for updates, as I hope to have more good news about expanding the borderless lifestyle for you soon.

on ‎01-10-2012 10:31 AM

All good stuff here but when will VZ provide an APP where you can watch TV from your Tablet device (IPAD, etc) or PC?


My local cable company (name withheld) has an APP that allows you to watch TV on your hand held device as long as you are home and behind your home router.  I wish VZ offered that.

by TrinNY
on ‎01-10-2012 10:54 AM

This is a nice addition but what about an Android app when will we see an app for Android tablets?

on ‎01-10-2012 11:17 AM

YAY! Time to catch up on Homeland. Smiley Happy

on ‎01-10-2012 06:52 PM

tried to watch but got an error - get as far as signon and then get this message - it cannot open an ios protocol - media manager is running  - tried everything and cannot get it to work on my laptop it is looking for a program to open an ios file my laptop is running windows 7 


 The webpage cannot be displayed
                                    Most likely cause:
  • Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.
                                    What you can try:
 Search online for a program you can use to view this web content. You need to enable javascript for this link to work correctly.
 Retype the address.
 Go back to the previous page. Go back to the previous page.<span id="__mce" data-mce-type="bookmark"></span>
on ‎02-07-2012 11:31 AM

@ggma1126 Are you still getting this error message? If so, let me know and we'll help to correct.

by blakcat09
on ‎08-11-2012 02:58 AM

@Heather_Wilner I have a subsription to Showtime, but everytime I login I get this message

"Single Sign-On Error

To watch videos, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with SHOWTIME.
Order online now. "


I don't understand why it says I need to subscribe when I have the subcription.

by ipadguy
‎01-13-2013 11:43 AM - edited ‎01-13-2013 11:46 AM


for updates, as I hope to have more good news about expanding the borderless lifestyle for you soon.


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