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FiOS TV: Interactive Media Guide 1.9 Release Notes

by Employee ‎04-14-2011 10:12 AM - edited ‎04-18-2011 10:30 AM


Editor's Note: Joe Ambeault will answer your FiOS TV questions on Wednesday, April 20 at noon and 8 p.m. EDT when he is featured on "Meet the Expert" in the Verizon Community Forums. To learn how you can participate, please visit:


In keeping with our commitment to provide FiOS TV viewers with information about modifications and enhancements to their service, we are providing release notes for version 1.9 of the Interactive Media Guide (IMG) software for your FiOS TV DVR and set-top boxes.  IMG 1.9 is beginning its deployment activities in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Harrisburg. It will be delivered to the rest of the FiOS TV markets over the next couple months.


This post is intended to summarize the release notes we use internally in language the rest of us can comprehend (i.e. replacing the inane acronyms and technical jargon with plain English).   


Release Overview


IMG 1.9 is a feature release and is entirely focused on implementing capabilities that our customers have been requesting through Verizon Forums, Twitter, Facebook, letters and emails to Verizon leadership, the Test Track program, etc. There are minor changes to how we handle the delivery of applications to the set-top box as well as some corrections to software issues. But the majority of the enhancements came straight from FiOS TV viewers, and we greatly appreciate the time many of you took to tell us how to make a great service even better.


We also want to take a moment before diving into the release notes to give a shout out to our sneak peek customers who volunteered their TV’s and time to work with us since December to finish IMG 1.9 development. These FiOS TV viewers helped us make sure that by the time the software got to you all it provided an amazing and high quality experience. Many heartfelt thanks. 


Device Support


The IMG 1.9 release is not supported by digital adapters (Motorola DCT 700), like all the historical IMG releases. Unlike past guide releases, IMG 1.9 is also not supported by a small number of standard-definition set-top boxes (Motorola QIP 2500 P1 and P2). These devices will remain on their current version of guide software. All other Motorola and Cisco set-top boxes will be upgraded to IMG 1.9 through an automatic software download. No action is required on your part.


Enhancements Summary


IMG 1.9 is our most significant upgrade to FiOS TV’s guide since we introduced the Interactive Media Guide in 2007. There were few portions of the guide software that weren’t enhanced in this release.


  • New look and feel with higher resolution graphics and smooth animations*
  • Re-design of search and better integration throughout the guide
  • Expansion of guide data to include complete cast information and air date
  • New Channel Guide view providing another option for navigating live TV content
  • Recommendations for live TV content
  • Ability to select the Widgets that are displayed in the carousel
  • More parental control tools and a configuration wizard
  • Overhaul of Message Center
  • Improved 3DTV support
  • Support for Descriptive Video Service, native pass through, 1080p, and MP3 and MPEG-4 decoding on select devices.
  • A long list of DVR and multi-room DVR enhancements
  • Even more ways to customize the guide to your personal preferences

In the following sections of the releases notes, we’ll dive deeper into several of these areas.   


New Look & Feel


Perhaps one of the most requested enhancements to the IMG has been an HD canvas for the graphical user interfaces (GUI’s). IMG 1.8 and its predecessor releases have offered users interfaces in a 4:3 aspect ratio that did not fill the 16:9 HD TV screens.




Motorola 7100 and 7232 set-top boxes as well as Cisco HD capable devices will fill your HDTV screen end-to-end with higher resolution graphics presenting more information per page view. The 480 resolution graphics from previous releases have been upgraded to 1080 resolution.  




As well you will notice smooth animations as you navigate the user interfaces and transition from menu to menu. My favorite example of the more sophisticated graphics and introduction of smooth scrolling animations is definitely the new Widgets carousel. 




Unfortunately, try as we might, we were not able to provide support for HD canvas GUI’s and smooth scrolling animations on Motorola 6200 and 6416 devices due to graphics processing limitations of the hardware. Of course, this HD canvas feature is not available on standard-definition set-top boxes, because the devices and the TV screens they are connected to do not support high definition graphics and 16:9 aspect ratio. 


Next Generation Search


A feature that has been core to the Interactive Media Guide is search. Unlike other systems that execute the search locally on the set-top box severely limiting its capabilities, FiOS TV search employs powerful servers that are distributed throughout our network. These search engines use technology commonly employed on the Internet, but have been optimized for access through a TV screen.


One of the benefits of this Internet technology is that it enables the ability to search across live TV, DVR recordings and Video on Demand with one query. With the growth of Widgets we have extended the search index to also include TV applications with the other content types. Search for “weather” and the results will present a link to the TV application from Weatherbug as well as any TV shows / channels or movies that are relevant to that keyword.


The biggest change you will notice about search is that it is much more readily available throughout the entire guide. Historically to access search you had to navigate away from whatever view was being displayed to the main menu and then select search. 


With IMG 1.9, a simple click of the blue ‘B’ button on the remote control and you are instantly accessing the search engine.


Once you are in search you will find entering text for keyword searches much less painful with the introduction of predictive type and recent / saved searches.


As you enter characters, the search application will present possible options that are refined with each new character entered. Once you see your option simply arrow up to select it and more quickly find the content you are seeking. And to avoid text entry in the future you can save up to 25 searches to access again later with a couple quick clicks. If you don’t save the query, the new application will also keep up to 10 of your recent keywords readily available for quick access during future searches.


The new IMG 1.9 search application supports a wealth of filters that improve the power of this content discovery tool. Click options and you can select from one of 16 filters to refine the search results. Select “HD” and your results will only include content that is available in HD. Or select “Flex View” and your results will be filtered to present just the content you can view on your TV, computer and mobile devices, reducing the number of clicks to enjoy the show or movie you desire. Set the filter to “Now,” and the results will only display choices that can be viewed immediately.


Search Filters

Pay Per View
Flex View
On Demand
On Demand HD


TV Listings
Help Content 


Additional Content Discovery Tools


Beyond improved search capabilities there have been other additions to the IMG that will help you find content.


We have added a “Channel Guide” view of TV listings to the existing Full, Half and Mini guide views. The Channel Guide allows you to more quickly flip through channels to see what’s currently on as well as upcoming shows.  


Further you can customize which of these are presented when you hit the Guide button on the remote control. Set the Full Guide to launch with the first click and set the Channel Guide to launch on the second click—or whatever combination you want for primary and secondary preferences.


The recommendation engine that has historically been employed for only On Demand content will also be available for live TV content in this release. With “more like this” for live TV, you can link from shows and movies you like to other content that is similar.


Another request from FiOS TV viewers was the ability to more easily find high-definition channels. CNN is channel 100, but CNN HD is channel 600. So we added a prompt to the info bar for when you tune to standard definition content that is also available in HD. Simply click the ‘C’ button and the set-top box will automatically tune to the HD version of the channel.


Further, the program information screens will also present “watch in SD” or “watch in HD” options to make it easier to discover high definition content.   


Probably the most requested content discovery tool centered on the ability to quickly set Favorites to only those channels you have as part of your subscription. On the Verizon Idea Exchange this feature is the third most popular post. So, with IMG 1.9 you can select a Favorites list that is automatically generated based on the channels in your subscription, just like we have with IMG 1.8 for HD channels. No more hand crafting the Favorites list.


Parental Controls


We hear consistently that Parental Controls are important to many FiOS TV viewers, but see that very few set-top boxes actually have them enabled. 


For IMG 1.9 we introduce two usability improvements that we hope will enable more households to take advantage of tools intended to control the content certain members of the family consume.


The first is a simple wizard that asks about the ages of the children in your home and then automatically configures the controls—no expertise in the different TV show and movie rating approaches needed.


This wizard will also be easy to find.  If you do not have Parental Controls set on your set-top box, you will be prompted to configure them when accessing adult or Internet (i.e. Widgets) content. 


Also you can now set the Parental Controls across all the set-top boxes in your home without having to configure them on each device independently, reducing the amount of effort to block content that may be inappropriate for certain members of the family. 


And last is the ability to block access by day and time. These settings allow you to set day and time restrictions that block members of your household from viewing channels or using any FiOS TV features. When the day / time restrictions are enabled, viewers cannot access, browse or navigate through the IMG. Also they will not be able to view any content. A black screen with a lock icon is displayed on the screen, which can be unlocked by entering the correct 4-digit PIN. This feature allows users to create restricted time periods with a start and end time of any given day of the week to block all programming. You can create up to 10 restricted time periods per set top box.


Message Center 


Message Center is poised to take on an expanded role with IMG 1.9. When it launches, IMG 1.9 will include more sophisticated messages from Verizon to you about your FiOS TV service, but shortly after we have upgraded everyone to IMG 1.9, Message Center will integrate with your communication services from Verizon.


When a new message from Verizon arrives, you will be alerted more clearly than in previous guide releases. These messages can also be targeted to specific set-top boxes, so you’ll only receive information that is relevant to you. And last you will be able to take action from the message with a simple click of the remote control, like tuning to a new HD channel, accessing On Demand content or launching a new TV application. 


Following the IMG 1.9 we will upgrade Message Center to include access to call history, voicemail and the ability manage your voice services from the TV (e.g., call forwarding, incoming call block and my favorite—do not disturb).




Cisco set-top boxes that are HD capable and Motorola 7000 series devices will automatically configure your 3DTV to the proper 3D mode, based on the content being viewed. So you won’t have to navigate the TV screen’s menu to select top bottom or side to side 3D mode before enjoying the content.


If you have a Motorola 6000 series, then unfortunately you will have to continue using the TV screen’s menu system to set the 3D mode.


Self Service


IMG 1.9 provides even more ways to simply click a button to purchase more content or resolve a problem, saving you from having to pick up the phone.


Of particular note is a new troubleshooting tool that I think demonstrates the power of the FiOS TV platform: the remote control low battery indicator.  If the set-top box detects this state, you will get a visual indicator to replace the batteries.


This feature is only supported on the most recent FiOS TV remotes that were introduced at the end of last year.





DVR and Multi-room DVR

Last, but certainly not least based on feedback from many of you, are the enhancements to the DVR and multi-room DVR.


First is the top request from FiOS TV viewers, which is the ability to expand storage using external drives.  This is supported on the Cisco DVR’s as well as Motorola 7000 series DVR’s. This feature is not supported by the Motorola 6416 and 2708.


While we have done nothing to block plugging in any eSATA drive to the DVR’s, if you use a drive that has not been qualified by Verizon then we will not be able to support any potential problems. Please also be aware that we found several units that did not work properly due to the extreme sustained I/O performance required to support this application.


We plan to continually increase the number of qualified units, but at launch we will support Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander 500GB and 1TB.  A 2TB drive is currently in qualification as well as drives from other manufacturers. As those are qualified we will publish them on


The DVR will also include a history of its activities to provide you insight to what it was doing while you were away. This feature will also reduce duplicate recordings, because the DVR will remember what it has recorded as opposed to only having reference to what is currently on local storage.


We are also introducing options for the folders.  You will be able to select options like “delete all” or “play all” for recorded content contained in folders.


On the multi-room DVR front the most exciting advancement is for those of you that have more than one DVR.  IMG 1.9 enables DVR’s to access each other’s recordings.  With this capability and external storage expansion any HD set-top box or DVR in your home could theoretically have access to terabytes of recordings.


We have also enabled the ability to manage DVR recordings from any HD set-top box in the home, which has been a popular request from FiOS TV viewers with Home Media DVR service.


Additionally the DVR will support an undelete feature allowing you to restore recordings that were deleted similar to the recycling bin on your computer.


Also a popular request for new DVR features was the ability to extend a recording while it is in progress. This option has been added to the Program Info page and Context Sensitive Menu. “Extend Live Recording” enables you to extend an active recording by 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1hour.


The last new feature for DVR is automatic chapter creation that let’s you easily jump around a recording. Bring up the info bar and you’ll see thumbnails for scenes in the recordings. Select a scene and jump right to it. More ways to get to what you want faster. 


There are many more enhancements to the IMG that I couldn’t cover in this post. The internal release notes are nearly 100 eye straining pages long.  If I didn’t cover an enhancement you wanted in this post chances are it’s in this release... take some time and explore once you are upgraded.  As always we welcome feedback here, on the Idea Exchange and Twitter.   


We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our customers from ideation through development and deployment, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we are doing. We may not be able to respond to all of your requests, but are committed to collaborating on a best path forward for all of us. 


* high definition resolution graphics and smooth animations require Cisco HD capable set-top boxes or Motorola 7000 series devices

by ssanders79
on ‎04-14-2011 01:14 PM

the million dollar question...

Will we be able to request a free swap of our 6416 with the newest HD set top box?

on ‎04-14-2011 01:56 PM

This is great news, Joe!  You mentioned... "Motorola 7100 and 7232 set-top boxes as well as Cisco HD capable devices will fill your HDTV screen end-to-end with higher resolution graphics presenting more information per page view."  Does this mean that those of us with the 7216 will not have the new graphics?

by LeftyGuitar
on ‎04-14-2011 03:04 PM

Native Pass Through is a HUGE step forward!  I've enjoyed this with my DirecTV DVRs for quite some time now.

by Admin Emeritus
on ‎04-14-2011 04:16 PM

Hi everyone! If you have 1.9-specific questions, can you please post them in the forums? That way we can keep all of the info in one place so when others have a question they can more easily find the answer.


Again, here's the link to that official thread.

by Employee
on ‎04-15-2011 06:42 AM

ssanders79 - no... DVR swap program remains unchanged with this start of 1.9 roll out

by Employee
on ‎04-15-2011 06:43 AM

on ‎04-17-2011 11:04 AM


"The internal release notes are nearly 100 eye straining pages long. "


Will this be available for those of us tech types that enjoy eye strain?

by JuloSmith
on ‎04-19-2011 08:51 PM

We are confused.  We have Motorola 7216 P1 and want to purchase a eSata external drive from Western Digital....will this work?  1 or 2 TB?

on ‎04-26-2011 04:26 PM

@ JuloSmith :    that sound work. 

on ‎05-03-2011 08:16 PM

We're hearing rumors on forums that 1.9 is on hold.  Is this accurate?  Is there any other information that may be shared?

by Employee
on ‎05-05-2011 10:28 AM
We're incorporating feedback we got from customers in the 4 markets that were already upgraded to 1.9.  Just some minor tweaks as we get ready to roll to other markets in the coming months.
by Kittyfuzz11
on ‎06-23-2011 03:59 AM

I have the new 7232 STB, When will IMG 1.9 come to Pittsburgh, Pa. Thanks.

by AustinAndBryna
on ‎06-23-2011 11:24 PM
Joe, thank you for taking the time post this great information. I am brand new to Fios and just determined that a 6416 was installed as my hd dvr hub. What should I do with this antiquated equipment once the upgrade comes to the Baltimore area? Surely the goal is not to penalize your newest subscribers by deploying old, un-upgradable equipment. I asked my installer if this was new equipment and was told this was all they had. I look forward to the upgrade to make your DVR more of what I was used to with DirecTV.
by Employee
on ‎06-30-2011 01:08 PM



Joe is away from the office, but the information I'm getting is that you can call FiOS Technical Support at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) and ask us for a newer box.



by clc59
on ‎07-06-2011 11:30 PM

I absolutely hate the new guide.  It is much more difficult to see well.  It definitely has me thinking about switching to another carrier.  Newer isn't better in this case.

by ldm1701
on ‎07-11-2011 11:47 AM

Is there a timeframe for this update to the NYC (Bronx) areas. Tel. reps. have no idea what I am even talking about..

by Employee
on ‎07-11-2011 05:38 PM



We've said elsewhere at the Verizon at Home blog and in news releases that we're making the update available to all FiOS TV customers this summer.  Other than that, we haven't provided a schedule for each market, but you will get an email when we're deploying it in your area.

by ReSan
on ‎07-18-2011 10:15 AM

I've had this new format for a couple weeks now and I hate it!  First of all, it's much harder to read.  The scrolling takes forever to catch up with the remote commands and by the time it does, you've gone passed your channel.  Half the time, when you press "channel guide" the show you're watching is one or two lines below the middle or target show.  Makes no sense.  One of the most aggravating changes and which is finally prompting me to write because it is soooooo frustrating (and I'll find more blogs and discussion pages on this, I'm sure) is the Favorite Channels option.  I love that option and have been using it ever since I became a FiOS customer.  Now, every time you hit the channel guide button, it defaults back to "All Channels".  Now, I've looked and looked to make my favorites the default guide but I'll be darned if I can find it.  So, if it's there, mybad, but shame on you for making it impossible to find. 


Simply put, I hate the new format and it's miserably slow compare to the old "tried and true" media guide! 

by Tmac1
on ‎07-26-2011 05:27 AM

well well well everywhere i read about this new IMG 1.9 or 1.9a is only bad things, i was crazy waiting for this to hit brooklyn,ny customers but now that i read all the hating i think that i'm good with the guide i have. there is one thing that i do want to get and this is the PIP for HD set top box or HD DVR or Multi Room DVR.

personally i believe that every company should have all the good stuff before they open the mouth to say they are the best, i used to have dish network then directv and the Tivo was the BEST EVER regular and HD. i don't know how Verizon don't offer PIP on any set top box i got the 500GB Multi Room DVR with a 46' Samsung Smart LED HDTV wich have the option of watching 2 different programs with a enable PIP cable box but @verizonsupport told me that Verizon do not offer PIP not even on the Multi Room DVR that i paid $40.00 to upgrade from the original one that they installed when i become a verizon fios customer last year.

i told them that if verizon do not give me that option soon i will be going back to my cable company who do offer what i need, i setup an appointment already with optimum to go back and is not only because of the PIP but about the bad customer service and tech support that verizon fios have to offer, since friday (7/22) i was calling the 888-553-1555 to add all premium channel to my current TV Plan and i spoked to one customer service that the only thing she told me was that her system was going down for about 1 hour, that she was going to calling me back "she never call me" after 4 hours of waiting i called again and the same lady answered the phone telling me that she remember me and that she was going to call me "again she never calling" 2 hours later i called again this one didn't know what was wrong and didn't do nothing for me, on 7/23 i called again and for my surprise another customer service told me that he system was down to call back "i told him the same thing you are telling me right now someone else told me the last time i called" so today is 7/26 and i don't have what i was looking to have on my account "hey i don't have my account on bad standing, the only thing i own is my current month and is due by 8/7" then how can VERIZON explain me this?

by UnXrkS
on ‎08-20-2011 07:06 AM

What's the status of the rollout?  It's been four months since the fanfare, the summer is almost over, and still no one is admitting to having even a clue as to the schedule for deployment.  

by Employee
on ‎08-22-2011 02:32 PM



IMG 1.9 was rolled out earlier this summer to Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY; Harrisburg, PA; Tampa and Pittsburgh. More markets are coming soon.

by newpixel
on ‎08-29-2011 03:18 PM
I live in Poughkeepsie, NY. When can I expect this update?
by francorosso
on ‎09-08-2011 12:02 PM

OK verizon, summer is over and no IMG 1.9 in northern VA.  I've had FIOS since May, and I can't imagine  how this experience could be worse.  Let me list some of the things that SUCK about FIOS.

1. No option for an RF remote (had it with DirecTV, worked great)

2. Program guide STINKS (compared to DirecTV).  Seriously, you call this a program guide?  Doesn't even fill the screen!

3. Search function is horrible! I defy anyone to show me how to search for a local pro team quickly and easily without coming up with HUNDREDS of irrelevent junk programs that you must sort through to find what you want.

4.  Can't set a program guide that only shows CHANNELS THAT I RECEIVE.  Are you kidding me?  Really?  DirecTV has had this for YEARS.

5.  Can't re-use recent searches!

6.  Try to get the full info on a show that you are watching - I defy you to figure this one out without about twenty button pushes.

7.  Try to easily re-order the DVR priorities.

8.  No way to expand the DVR storeage.

9.  Try to easily add a favorite channel - impossible.

10.  And the real topping - my wife and kids hate me for changing from DirecTV


Things that are good: 

1. Picture quality

2. Internet service


This is just off the top of my head, I have many more but I'm getting bored.  I got rid of DirecTV because I was tired of the sat dish on the side of the house and the dropouts when it rains, but I can assure anyone who has ever had DirecTV would agree that FIOS is probably ten years behind.



on ‎09-08-2011 12:44 PM

Let me answer some of francorosso's concerns.

1. yep

2. Program guide is being updated in 1.9 and is very pleasing to the eye (substantially better than Directv in my opinion).  And yes, it will fill the screen.

3. I haven't had issues with the search function.  It pulls up what I'm looking for and if it can't find it, then it finds keywords from other programs.  Doesn't really bother me, but I don't really recall using Directv's search function much to compare

4. 1.9 is addressing this concern as well and there is an option to show only channels to which you subscribe

5. I can't remember if 1.9 addresses this too.  I don't use it.

6. I don't see how getting the full info on a show can be any easier.  Just press the info button for the short description and press again for a longer description

7. Again, I haven't had an issue changing priorities, but I'm on 1.9 and don't do it often.  It's possible Directv was easier.

8. 1.9 will allow for DVR expansion using eSata

9. There's a menu option for favorites to add favorites and you have to go through some steps to get there, yes.  Doesn't seem that difficult and once it's done, then it's done.


I've had Bright House cable, Dish Network and Directv before switching to Fios.  Cable was the absolute worst, Directv wasn't too far behind for me and Dish was the next best thing prior to getting Fios.  I am very satisfied with Fios.  It absolutely has the best picture quality of any I've tried.  There may be some quirks that I don't care about, but I really just want to watch TV.  Directv had so many equipment and customer service problems that I would never even consider them again.  And their guide was awful when I was with them (much, much worse than Dish).  Perhaps it's better now.  Fios does take some getting used to.  It is just plain different.  Some better, some not as good, but all matter of opinion.  My family doesn't like change, but they're very happy with it now.


by BENHorn
on ‎09-12-2011 03:59 PM

I have seen the notes about roll out of 1.9 and it being rolled out this summer, any update on the availability in DFW area? I received an email to get the new 500GB FiOS DVR (new MOTO box); I received the box but the media guide is the same.


Thanks for any update on the new version in DFW.

by bwoodhi1
on ‎09-15-2011 03:20 AM

v1.9 was just launched in Southern California (Los Angeles, specifically) today or yesterday. I've played around with the new stuff only a little, but really like the look and some of the new functionality a lot better. Very happy that Verizon has incorporated a lot of customer ideas. Sadly, one that is a big one for me was not included, and that's an Upcoming Shows feature on recorded programs. On live or upcoming shows on the guide, you have this option. I used it a lot when i had D* and miss it dearly. The idea has been accepted by Verizon (many, many months ago) on the Idea Exchange forum.


So I figure it's a work in progress. The new stuff is pretty cool and I just really hope that they're already putting the finishing touches on the next release. Too optimistic...?


P.S. francorosso mentioned something in point 6. BrianC is only correct about getting full info by hitting Info twice on shows on the guide. There is no way I have found to get full info on a show once it's been recorded. It magically disappears.

by Leesie1950
on ‎09-19-2011 11:59 AM

I'm new to FIOS TV and am trying to get used to the new on screen guide.  I do not like the changes.  The new on screen guide is very difficult to see due to the color sceme.  Why was the old guide changed?  The color sceme was more vibrant and the guide encorporated my entire TV screen.  Now I have to get out of bed and walk over to the TV to clearly see the guide. I have ordered binoculars from Ebay and am looking forward to receiving them so I'll be able to see what's on TV.

by JP_05
on ‎09-28-2011 05:54 PM

South Jersey Roll out of 1.9 - Search Funtion - NO PREDICTIVE SEARCH OPTION.  adveritsed as a great new feature --- however - I have had it for 4 years of FiOS service --- now with 1.9 IT IS NOT THERE ...   when will this be fixed?

by gtmtnbiker67
on ‎10-01-2011 07:39 PM

Wow, almost 6 months later, still no sign of 1.9 in Massachusetts.  Why such a slow rollout?  This is painful.

by eriksdk
on ‎10-14-2011 11:54 AM

When is 1.9 going to come to Northern VA?  I want to plug in my DVR Expander.  I called the tech guys who were helpful but had no idea about a schedule...

on ‎10-16-2011 11:33 AM

Probably the beginning of Nov. My guess.

by P-ArloSmurf
on ‎11-02-2011 09:50 PM

** Lost all my old recordings-- three times!!  on 7216 DVR **

Got the FIOS upgrade 25 October -- woke up in the middle of night to the sound of my STB (and DVR in the other room) rebooting. Woke up to find the DVR would not play at all. Called FIOS support, they had to reboot the DVR twice. Now will play TV stations. That night tried to play back "hawaii 5-0" from last week. WILL NOT PLAY BACK OLD PROGRAMS from before upgrade.

I can see the recordings -- old ones in white, new ones in yellow. Info still works on the old ones but they WILL NOT PLAY BACK. Since the upgrade I have had to reboot twice because the current program freezes and skips. Each time I LOST THE RECORDINGS up to that point.

a few days later noticed that I could not see ANY recordings from my STB even though I have MR/DVR. FIOS support had to disable/enable my MR/DVR subscription.

I STILL don't have my old recordings even though they show on the listings -- 41.5 hours of my favorite shows. One FIOS tech said he has been taking these calls for 2 months, since they began upgrades in NJ. Now upgrading in MD and CA, and taking 100's more trouble calls. Not everyone loses their recordings lik me, but a lot of customers have problems. Guess their programmers were in a hurry to get the now OS out (do they part time for Microsoft?).

the other big complaint is the LOOK of the program guide. it STINKS!! It's hard to read and only cover 1 1/2 hours.


Another thing -- a months back Verizon removed our favorite channel from extended basic, and put it on the premium packages AND the BASIC package -- Hallmark Movie Channel.  My wife called about it (we like the old detective shows) and the guy talked her into subscribing to a HBO package just to get Hallmark, by telling her Verizon would "soon" go to a cafeteria-style lineup -- pick your own channels.  That was six months ago. And when whe added this, we lost our "new subscriber" discount (was guaranteed for two years).


by sister2
on ‎11-04-2011 12:45 PM

We don't have a DVR (we prefer to keep what we record w/out hassle and not have the extra fee for a dvr rental) so issues with that aspect doesn't bother us at all. We rather like the new guide and how it fills the screen on our 16:9 TV and aren't having trouble reading the text - that is, on the one 7xxx HD STB that we have.  The new guide on our 6xxx is like a small rectangle in the middle of our screen surrounded by black. The old guide was better on the 6xxx box. (IMHO) Since the new guide does not function as well on the HD 6xxx boxes, can they be swapped out for 7xxx boxes? (free?)



by briand805
on ‎11-05-2011 02:14 AM

New fios customer here as of TODAY and already running into issues. the installer put a 6416 dvr box in our living room and to our surprise the guide in full mode is only showing an hour ahead on our 52" flat screen. The 7100 box displays just fine on the other tv. However we needed a dvr for that room as well which we dont have.... Anyway. I tried contacting online support and was told the systems are down and to try tomorrow..........



I understand theres a learning curve involved here however I didnt plan on spending hours of my evening troubleshooting our new installation. 


I hope we can get these boxes swapped out quickly and free of charge as I havent canceled charter or directv yet but would sure love to do so. 



Thank you.


by skatsumi
on ‎11-15-2011 07:19 PM
So I understand that we're last in getting this IMG in NYC/LI. What is the updated schedule for this?
by jca1
on ‎11-18-2011 02:26 PM

anyone know when 1.9 is coming to Massachusetts? Thanks.

on ‎11-19-2011 10:31 AM


by neilmi
on ‎12-02-2011 12:03 PM

You do not want the new IMG.  It lags, is slow, generally blows.

by lionelbob
on ‎01-06-2012 03:04 AM

New FIOS triple play customer Dec 15, 2011.  I've been asking telephone customer support how to show ONLY subscribed channels.  They  gave me the "Favorites bob and weave"  Inaccurate scenario.  I was able to futz around and I discovered that you can hit Guide, then options, and select "subscribed" to view only subscribed channels.  Unfortunately, each time you go back in, you have to do all the buttions and reset to subscribed again.  Just tonight, I discovered on another forum that you can "

Go to Menu, Settings, Television, and then you will see something like "Last Viewed Guide State" all the way near the bottom.  Click on enable."


Will that force you to stay on subscribed listing?  Is this part of 1.9?


Thanks and regards, Bob


by nk1234
on ‎01-11-2012 07:41 PM

I'm amazed Verizon calls this an upgrade.  Its really a huge downgrade!!

I live in Mass and it just appeared yesterday.

The guide is now much harder to read, and its very slow.  I have to press the remote multiple times to get it to scroll.  Also, if I select a channel from the guide, half the time it loses the volume control;  cannot adjust volume with the remote on the new channel.

I spoke to support, and they reset the box (no difference).  I was basically told that they know, and that's the way it is. 

We used to be very happy customers, but already my whole family hates it.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of this disaster and go back to what I had??  We had no complaints before and didn't request the change.  

I'd rather fix it than start looking to switch services, so can someone please help?

by kph
on ‎01-16-2012 12:25 PM

Hey Joe. You indicated back in April 2011 the following:


" were continually increase the number of qualified units, but at launch we will support Western Digital My Book AV DVR Expander 500GB and 1TB.  A 2TB drive is currently in qualification as well as drives from other manufacturers..."


Eight months later, only those same two expanders are supported for the Motorola 7216.


What's the sked for something larger?

by BarryWakefield
on ‎01-16-2012 06:14 PM

Verizon states that this 'upgrade' is strictly driven by customer request.  I don't ever recall requesting a much slower interface that is difficult to read.

  If I have a vote(other that with my feet back to (shudder.. )Comcast, my vote is to return to the older interface.

by dave_langer
on ‎05-11-2012 09:31 PM

why havent they added the clipping feature, to start or end a show early

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