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FiOS TV Widgets Win Content Award at TV of Tomorrow Show

by Employee on ‎03-04-2010 12:03 PM

image.JPGThe TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco is all about interactive TV, so it's not surprising that three Verizon executives are speaking there this week.  Their subject is FiOS TV Widgets, which also earned Verizon a Leadership Award for "creating the most innovative and disruptive content offering of the past year."

Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of interactive video services, spoke about our Widget Bazaar strategy and FiOS TV's proven record of fostering innovation.  For example, she said, we've launched over 20 partner widgets since the Beta Developer Program began in October 2009.  The program, which gives creative third-party developers the tools and support to create apps for FiOS TV, produced widgets like HSN Shop By Remote and WeatherBug.  But we're looking for more.  Developers interested in creating new widgets can log onto our Web site to register and download the software development kit.

Rachelle Zoffer, director of content strategy and acquisition, will have more to say today about FiOS TV Widgets.  Participating on the Apps and Widgets panel, Rachelle will describe how we offer everything from news and weather widgets to NBA LEAGUE PASS and KODAK Gallery photo sharing.  And she'll tell the conference attendees that customers love our social apps -- Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, FiOS TV customers used our Twitter widget to share 2.6 million Tweets in just the first two weeks after its launch.

During another of today's panels, Jarred Iwata, director of ad sales strategy, will touch on dynamic ad insertion on VOD, explaining how Verizon inserts ads before and after free VOD programming.  He also will discuss the potential for advertising widgets and the work our ad sales is doing with advertising partners to build branded widgets in the future.

One thing is clear from all our speakers: Interactivity is a big part of FiOS TV, and customers can expect to see much more in 2010 and beyond.


by kitemanau
on ‎05-01-2010 05:54 AM

I tried to click on the link contained in the phrase above "Developers interested in creating new widgets can log onto our Web site to register and download the software development kit."  However the link is inactive, the website goes now where.  Could someone from Verizon please point the way to how I can learn more about creating new widgets and accessing the SDK? Or maybe how to contact either Maitreyi Krishnaswamy or Rachelle Zoffer





by Employee
on ‎05-04-2010 05:00 PM



Sorry for the confusion.  The Beta Developer Program is currently open to developers by invitation only, but we expect to open it to more developers in the future.  If you're interested, you can sign up at the website and we'll let you know when the SDK is ready:

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