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FiOS to launch TWC Sportsnet & TWC Deportes in California

by on ‎10-29-2012 03:51 PM

TWC Sportsnet.jpgWe have some exciting news for our FiOS TV customers in Southern California. As you may have heard over the weekend, we’ve been able to secure the rights to add two new channels to the FiOS TV lineup in your region: Time Warner Cable Sportsnet and Time Warner Cable Deportes. All of the sports fans in the area know that these channels are the new home for

TWC Deportes.jpg

the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy and Los Angeles Sparks games.


In addition to live games, Time Warner Cable Sportsnet will feature in-depth team programming with shows like “Access Sportsnet,” a daily studio show, as well as “#LakeShow,” the network’s live daily social media driven show. Time Warner Cable Deportes will air the pre-game show “Lakers En Vivo” as well as the post-game show “Somos Lakers.” You can read more about all the new programming coming your way by clicking here and here.


We know how important it is to be able to watch your favorite sports teams from the comfort of your own home. And we’ve been working hard with Time Warner Cable Sports to be able to make these channels a part of the FiOS TV lineup in California. We plan to add the channels as soon as possible, and will let you know here and on Twitter as soon as we have a confirmed launch date. Keep a look out for the new programming, with Time Warner Cable Sportsnet on FiOS TV Channel 578 in HD and 78 in SD. Time Warner Cable Deportes will be on FiOS TV Channel 79.


on ‎10-29-2012 04:26 PM

LA LAkers for NYC please i pay alot for sports package. you guys should should cover laLAKERS here ty for listening





 in nyc

on ‎10-29-2012 05:15 PM



The first game broadcast on this channel is this Wednesday night, October 31.  Please have your act together so that the channel is available by Wednesday night.  Charter, AT&T Uverse, Brighthouse, and Time Warner will all have the channel turned on by then, Verizon should too.  Thanks!

by AngrySoCalFan
on ‎10-29-2012 09:03 PM

Ok Im glad this got done...but when can I see the actual channel? The first game is Tuesday night on TNT. Its the second game I'm worried about. It better be done by then...

by yakityak
on ‎10-30-2012 11:47 AM

Am I going to have to pay more for the channel if I already subscribe to the standard HD package? I don't feel it's fair to further gouge the customer when so many of us only want this one channel added...I have been trying to get an answer from verizon tech support for the last few days and they have not been helpful whatsoever...

by asm20854
on ‎10-30-2012 03:43 PM

This is fine and all, but what about Pac 12 networks?  


TWC Sportsnet has three teams and a mostly local fan base.  Pac-12 networks has twelve teams and a national audience.  


TWC Sportsnet has a reported cost of approximately $4 per subscriber.  Pac 12 networks has a reported cost of approximately $1 per subscriber.


TWC Sportsnet allows FiOS to compete in the Los Angeles market.  Pac 12 networks would allow FiOS to compete in all markets, including NY, LA and DC (where only Dish network currently carries Pac 12 networks).


There are several threads asking for Pac 12 networks, including the primary thread, with 75 votes and 136 comments:


I, for one, would upgrade to a higher package for Pac 12 networks in the DC area.

by lbcncl
‎10-30-2012 09:25 PM - edited ‎10-30-2012 09:25 PM
by BigPete82 on 10-29-2012 05:15 PM



The first game broadcast on this channel is this Wednesday night, October 31.  Please have your act together so that the channel is available by Wednesday night.





Don't sweat it, the first three Lakers games are nationally  televised. They have a whole week to get it up and running before you miss games.


Enjoy! Smiley Happy

by llcooolray
on ‎10-30-2012 11:02 PM





Don't sweat it, the first three Lakers games are nationally  televised. They have a whole week to get it up and running before you miss games.


That's incorrect.  Wednesday's game is on NBA TV which is blacked out for local markets.  What's really messed up is I had Time Warner scheduled to come by yesterday but I cancelled it over the weekend after the deal was done Friday.  Every other company that signed has TWSN  ready to go for tomorrow's broadcast...except for VERIZON!  I FEEL DUPED!  If it's not up by tomorrow, I'm switching first chance I get.  That's just some crooked way to run your business.  

‎10-31-2012 06:00 AM - edited ‎10-31-2012 06:00 AM

Really? I can inderstand that you want to see the Lakers on TV, but you're willing to change providers and make such a huge switch because of maybe a couple games on TV? I would not call Verizon "crooked" because they may take longer than another given provider to get a new channel up and running. That has always been a drawback to having FiOS in my opinion, because Verizon is so particular about its incoming feeds and engineering standards, BUT once it's up and running there will be no problems. I did see a post on the thread in the FiOS programming forum from a Verizon employee confirming that employees in the video hub office are working as fast as they can to get the channel up and running. I would hardly call that "crooked". Verizon obviously doesn't want to miss any regular season games, but we'll see if the channel is launched today. One thing is clear though- if the channel isn't on today, it's definitely not because the people at the VHO want to keep people in Southern California from seeing the game tonight.

on ‎10-31-2012 09:50 AM

Looks like its on!  Getting some errors when I try to record the season, but at least its on!  Now please get the Pac 12 Network Los Angeles up and running, UCLA plays on it this weekend.  College Basketball season is just around the corner and UCLA is #13 in the nation...

by JuZ
on ‎10-31-2012 10:22 AM

Thanks for adding the TWC Sportsnet guys, really, thank you. Now, don't let the momentum die here. Please, please, pleaseadd the Pac-12 Network HD channel this year. Please! Thank you. Your Southern California subcribers and I would truly appreciate it!

on ‎10-31-2012 10:32 AM

It's true! Great news this morning for our Southern California customers, as TWC Sportsnet and TWC Deportes launch.


We understand how important PAC-12 is to everyone in the area, and we'll keep everyone posted on any additional channel launches. Thanks!

on ‎10-31-2012 10:51 AM

Heather, is the online streaming and mobile app streaming for TWC Sportsnet going to be available for Verizon customers?

on ‎10-31-2012 12:09 PM

BigPete82- that is something we're looking into, but it's not availible via streaming as of now.




by theyams
on ‎10-31-2012 02:28 PM

The article says that an announcement would be posted on Twitter when it's ready to go, but I haven't seen anything there yet, even though you've said that it's available now! 

on ‎11-01-2012 09:46 AM

theyams - We have announced from our @VerizonFiOS handle and others, but some of our other handles, like @Verizon, are focused on getting the word out about restoration following Hurricane Sandy. Make sure you follow both handles for all Verizon news!

by weeblo11
on ‎11-01-2012 03:41 PM

Thank you Verizon FIOS for getting this done. But I would like to have the Time Warner Cable Deportes in HD. Is this in the works? I would really like this so I can enjoy Lakers and Galaxy games in HD with my father and older relatives.

on ‎11-05-2012 10:18 AM

weeblo11 -- There aren't immediate plans for TWC Deportes in HD, but I've shared your note with the team for consideration.

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